Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Savoring Sister Time

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by 
Two Writing Teachers.
I visited my sister, Kay, in sunny CA last week for spring break.  We shopped, we baked, we watched movies, we dined out, we laughed and we reminisced. We hadn't seen each other for almost two years (far too long).  I've attempted to capture our joy of being together and the special time we spent perusing an old photo album in this poem.

shoulder to shoulder
side by side
arms touching
hearts embracing

turning the pages
savoring black and white images
enticed by memories
of days long past
Places erased
but not forgotten
loved ones gone
but still remembered
lovingly captured in time


  1. I had to laugh when you said on your link, "Sometimes my desire to document events irritates others." I can so relate! I'm often faced with the rolling of eyes when I say, "Let me take a picture!" But it's moments like the one you've captured in your poem that make it worth it - they thank me later. ;-)

  2. Your poem speaks volumes of the joy of your time spent with your sister.

  3. Sisters are so special aren't they? This is so sweet. As the daughter of family paparazzi, I so appreciate the memories you help keep alive. Keep snapping those pics shutterbug.

  4. How wonderful that you finally are together, Ramona, & the poem captures the time very well indeed. I have a wonderful sister-in-law (and brother) & they mean so much to me. Thanks for sharing something many of us can connect to!

  5. I love that you captured the image of you and your sister together through poetry instead of a camera lens. Isn't it incredible how both can preserve an image?

  6. Keep taking pictures! You (and "they") will be glad you did! I have my father frozen in time now, forever! And he hated getting his picture taken!

  7. I am not one to have my picture taken and I know I will regret it someday! The older I get, the less I remember and pictures would certainly be helpful.