Saturday, August 16, 2014

Celebrating the Possibilities

                                   So excited to join Saturday Celebrations with Ruth Ayres! 
  It is fun to live my week thinking about what I will celebrate on Saturday.
Discover. Play. Build.
A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

1.  1st pickup of PB10for10 books recommended by
blogger friends (with more to come from my list of holds):
I'm reading one book a night and when I finish the stack,
I'm inviting some young friends over for books and cookies!

2.  Savoring beauty on my daily walks:

3.  These wise words from Ruth's post:
"Life is changing.
There is always a need to learn the new steps in this life dance."

4.  Inspiration from "Thumbprint," a poem from Linda's SOL:
"...Imprint my mark upon the world,
whatever I shall become."
Somehow I always thought I would have arrived
by this point in my life, but I'm still becoming!

5.  Raindrops encourage me to ponder the possibilities of retirement:
May your week be filled with possibilities and opportunities for growth!


  1. You are beginning a new dance with retirement. There is much to celebrate when you can begin that dance. I love it! I'm thinking photography is part of your new dance, gorgeous pictures!

  2. I have a batch of books, too, as you know, Ramona. What wonderful ones in your stack. And what a terrific idea to have some young ones over to share! Thanks for linking to my post, but I'm so happy you enjoyed that poem. It is a special one. Love Ruth's quote, too-Life is ever changing, can't stop it, can we? Yet the ability to find the good in the new things is a gift, which I see that you have! Here's to possibilities!

  3. I love your post, Ramona, because just like Elsie says -- you ARE beginning a new dance with retirement. And it is OK if you learn the steps as you go because the great thing about this is it is your dance. :) Enjoy! The berries look delicious. And books and cookies? I'm in!

  4. I love your thoughtful reflections. More time to savor and become. I am glad you are sharing your discoveries.

  5. As Kim said, you have time to savor and become...that journey is just beginning, Ramona.

  6. Such a wonderful idea, "still becoming." Savor that!

  7. How fun to do a young person book club. You are such a fun lady!

  8. I love this glimpse into your life as you are "still becoming." To be still becoming is a great accomplishment. I think. Imagine if you had arrived. How boring to already be.

  9. Ramona, pondering life is always an awakening as we continue to become. Retirement is another stage on the journey.