Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Active Week in NY!

                                 So excited to join Saturday Celebrations with Ruth Ayres! 
                      It is fun to live my week thinking about what I will celebrate on Saturday.
Discover. Play. Build.
A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

I celebrate an active week filled with adventure, talking,
a bit of shopping, and lots of walking while visiting my daughter in NY.

I walked to the Farmer's Market with my daughter's landlord.
We purchased corn on the cob, raspberries, blueberries, and tomatoes.
Then we enjoyed a delicious lunch with our fresh bounty.   

Daughter and I walked to Cayuga Lake and discovered this sign on the way there. 

 As we walked under an overpass, a beautiful blue heron took wing.
A  short bit later, we saw our friend again.  

I persisted for some time  (33 pics) in order to 
capture this butterfly with his/her wings open.  

I love the willows lining Cayuga Lake.

On Friday evening we walked downtown to purchase sandwiches 
for a picnic and music on the quad with four women fiddlers.  
I had to snap a pic of daughter with this sunflower, one of her favorite flowers!  

After the concert, we enjoyed an evening walk around campus.  

We've already walked 9,000 steps this morning
with a stop by Ithaca Falls on the way home.

That's it!  I'm off to savor our last day together with brunch, 
a stop by Phoenix Bookstore (a used bookstore in a barn), 
a visit to the Cornell Library (pictured above with the bell tower), 
and a full day of visiting with my daughter.  


  1. What a lovely week! Your pictures compliment your words. I especially like the evening sky.

  2. Thank you for sharing your week in photos and your persistence with the butterfly is perfect. Memories with our daughters are so important. I LOVE sunflowers too!!

  3. Mother daughter time is so special. What a great week. I love the sign you photographed! And your butterfly photo is wonderful. Wouldn't it be great to share all the misses and that one with students in a conversation about persistence and perseverance?

    1. Great idea to share the photos as we talk about perseverance.

  4. What lovely pictures you have here. It sounds like a wonderful week of visiting your daughter in a lovely setting.

  5. Loved all the photos! Sounds like you're having a wonderful visit with your daughter. You're doing all the things that I enjoy doing on vacations too!

  6. Have fun today! It sounds like you will. I like sunflowers too because even their name sounds like it wants to be more than it is.

  7. Hope this final day is wonderful too, Ramona. What a terrific week you've had. I'd love to see all those sights too! A bookstore in a barn sounds awesome! I've always been told that when a heron takes flight near you that it's a lucky omen, FYI, & love that you captured that butterfly!

  8. This is a week to celebrate and savor. Sounds simply wonderful!

  9. That school has it's priorities straight! Love it! And what a great idea about displaying he 33 pictures it took to make one beauty. It makes me think of th times writers revise but shown in such a visual way.

  10. Your time with your daughter sounds so wonderful and your photos make your celebrations come to life. The picture of the butterfly was worth taking 33 pictures. :)