Friday, May 1, 2015

Poetry Friday - Bookshelves and Bins and Blogs, Oh My!

This has been an exciting month of poetry.  I raided my own bookshelves frequently to pull favorite books of poetry.  I checked out bins of books in preparation for a month of sharing poetry with our after school book club.  We read poems, marked favorites, shared poems, wrote some poetry, and copied some poems.  Tuesday afternoon we posted favorite poems all around the school.  Carrie Bowman, the librarian from KCLS (King County Library System), arrived with poems ready to tie with yarn for our lunchtime sharing for Thursday's Poem in Your Pocket Day.  It was a busy meeting!

Yesterday, I sorted through 3 bins of poetry and managed to return 2 of them.  Some I'm keeping for a future post on favorite books by individual poets, some I'm keeping because I haven't read them yet,  and some I'm keeping because I can't bear to return them yet. After quickly reading the poetry shelves again in both the children and adult sections, I left with only 1 bin of books.  And my library card is no longer in danger of being maxed out.

What a rich month of poetry I've enjoyed!  I'm amazed by the stamina and creativity shown by friends who wrote a poem-a-day in April.  I may not have made it by every day, but I can't wait to catch up. I've loved following our mermaid girl in the progressive poem.  I was excited by Tricia's post of poetry books that focus on form and the writing of poetry. And I'm sad that I didn't manage to chalk a poem yesterday for Chalk-A-Bration with Betsy. Instead of celebrating poetry all day, I was helping out with testing (but I had a poem in each pocket).   I think that next year I'll refuse to let such an onerous task mar my month of poetry.

Here's the haiku I wanted to chalk in honor of our sweet Hadley who went to cat heaven in April:

Sunshine filled landing
Memories of Miss Hadley
Curl perfectly round

So glad I have this community where I can celebrate poetry every week of the year.  See you next Friday!  This week's roundup of poetry love is hosted by Ellen at Elementary Dear Reader.

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  1. It definitely was an exciting month of poetry. Phew! The third and fourth graders at my school are just starting, so I will get to spend a whole new month delving into poetry. Sounds like you wrapped the month up with a bang!