Friday, May 8, 2015

Poetry Friday

My five-word ditty recognizes the helpers who guide me to new poetry each week.  

 Poetry Love for Under $10
                                               Thank you Catherine and Tricia!

One of the things I love about our Poetry Friday community is learning about new books. Catherine recently blogged about the Spring Poetry Retreat she attended and the inspiration she received from Rebecca Kai Dotlich.  I love Lemonade Sun, but could not recall any other specific books by Dotlich.  I was surprised to discover that Mama Loves, a book that I've used for years as a mentor text for inspiring students' writing for Mother's Day was by Dotlich.  And then I noticed Sweet Dreams of the Wild which was not available at our library.  Because my daughter loves otters, I had to purchase a copy.  It cost .01 + 3.99 shipping.  The other book was recommended on Tricia's April 30th post about writing poetry.  I was able to find a copy for $3.99 and free shipping.  Best mail of the week was two padded envelopes of poetry love!

So grateful for this community where we celebrate poetry every week of the year.  This week's roundup of poetry love is hosted by Michelle at Today's Little Ditty


  1. Well done finding your poetry bargains, Ramona! These look like great books.

  2. Hooray for learning about new books and "padded envelopes of poetry love." Enjoy!

  3. Catherine always recommends such wonderful books, doesn't she?

  4. Getting one of those padded envelopes in the mail and finding a book of poetry inside is such a treat, isn't it? Nicely done, Ramona. And if you like Florence Grossman's book and find it useful, you might like to read another one by her: Listening to the Bells: Learning to Read Poetry by Writing Poetry.