Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Airport Generosity!

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If you're like me, you can get rather grumpy when it's time to head to the airport. Small annoyances become large in the contained space that we find ourselves in as we wait for our flights.  On Wednesday, I arrived at the Nashville airport two hours before flight time.  I spent a significant amount of time logging steps on my Fitbit (always a good idea to walk before a flight that is 4+ hours long, right? ).   

As flight time draws closer, I stop by the Hudson Newsstand to purchase my favorite snack, toasted peanut butter crackers.  They have packages of cheese and crackers and peanut butter with the orange crackers, but no toasted peanut butter crackers.  I explain my preference to the employee.  She agrees with me, the toasted ones are her favorite too.  I leave empty handed and stand in line for my flight which is adjacent to the newsstand.  

A short time later, someone taps me on the shoulder to tell me to return to the newsstand.  I'm puzzled, pretty sure that I didn't leave anything behind.  Imagine my surprise when I return, and the employee hands me a package of toasted peanut butter crackers (from her own lunchbox), with the words, "I didn't want you to be hungry!"

It's nice to be blessed by the generosity of others.  Now I'm on the lookout for a chance to pass on her thoughtfulness to someone else.  And when I tore off yesterday's calendar page this morning, this is the quote that greeted me for today!


  1. That is a such a great act of kindness! Sometimes I'm surprised people like that exist in today's world... I guess I shouldn't be.

  2. Awesome! Kindness begets kindness...and we need to be especially kind at airports, don't we?

  3. What a nice way to start your flight! I hope it was uneventful after that!

  4. I was in Nashville Wednesday too! And what a thoughtful thing for that employee to do. Kindness just warms the heart - even when you are just reading about it.

  5. That is the sweetest thing! An act of kindness paving the way for more kindness to come...beautiful!

  6. Love that! the kindness of strangers is so very sweet. :-)

  7. I'm a few days late reading people's slices. I love this slice of kindness, in the midst of airport bustling and craziness!