Friday, October 30, 2015

Celebrate This Week!

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 When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build.
  A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

1.  Some of my book club members returned their permission slips,
so I can  post this picture of seven members.  
 We had 15 members in attendance.  I'm hoping for more returned
permission slips next week so I can take pics of our
book club discussions for these three Newbery possibilities:
The War that Saved my Life
Listen, Slowly
The Seventh Most Important Thing

2.  Mallory (Imi's mom) invited me to join them at Island Books for story time 
with Nancy Stewart, composer and performer of children's music and
creator of the Sing With Our Kids Project.  Nancy is an island resident and our community is so lucky to be part of her project.  Check out this
You Tube video to learn more about Nancy's focus on community singing
and visit her Sing With Our Kids web site for many links and free resources.  
Here's Imi enthusiastically showing Nancy
her small book of "The Wheels on the Bus."

3.  This week's tree pics were taken enroute to the town center on a
typical gray Northwest day complete with a bit of drizzle.  

More wind and rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.
I'll  be watching "leaf falls" in the ravine this weekend.  

4.  This text from my niece (4th grade teacher) after I inquired
about her Friday before Halloween in the classroom:
"PS:  Best part of the day was turning out the lights and reading
'The Chicken Coop Monster' with a flashlight to them!  They loved it!"
So glad she's carrying on my tradition (it's a story from  
The Dark Thirty by Patricia C. McKissack). 

5.  I'm writing my post on Friday night!


  1. Happy to see your 'early' celebration, Ramona, and love all the pics, but that especially of the pic of that cute Imi. I know The Dark Thirty, read stories from it too, but don't remember The Chicken Coop Monster, sounds wonderful. Happy Halloween!

  2. There's so much joy in your celebrations!! Love the pictures of Imi...adorable!!! I love that your niece is carrying on your tradition in her classroom. I don't know that story...I'll have to check it out. :) Happy Halloween!

  3. Book club joy is the best! I've read The War That Saved My Life, but not the other two. Awesome book! Lucky you to go with that cute Imi! Of course your colorful trees are beautiful. I can picture your smile after getting your niece's text.

  4. Wonderful celebrations! So much joy here. Thank you for the pictures of Imi and the lovely soon to be bare trees. Happy weekend!

  5. Imi's picture is adorable, and I love those happy book club faces! The fall colors are dazzling. That text from your niece was great. Terrific things to celebrate!

  6. Oh, and I'm reading The Seven Most Important Things aloud to my 6th graders and The War That Saved My Life aloud to my 5th graders. LOVE them both!

    1. They are both wonderful books. I've already read The War that Saved my Life and finished The Seventh Most Important Thing last week. Now it's on to the Jellyfish book (can't remember the exact title) as soon as I finish The Grapes of Wrath for my adult book group.

  7. So many great book experiences here. The pictures are wonderful. It's great that amid the gloomy skies, we get beautiful colors on the trees.

  8. So much to love here: trees, kids, books, music - -and YOU! Thank you. xo

  9. Lots to celebrate! I love the pictures. Fall colors are so great even on a dreary day! Sounds like the fall reading to go along with it is great. Thanks for sharing!

  10. It looks like the leaves on that one tree are holding on for dear life! That would describe me because I don't like what I know is coming! I never thought about reading in the dark with a flashlight...will suggest this to my daughter...who is doing much better I might add.

    1. Leigh Anne, so happy that things are going better for your daughter! I used to pair "The Chicken Coop Monster" with our class read aloud, The Liberation of Gabriel King. Perfect for exploring the theme of courage!

  11. There is so much joy in your post, Ramona. Celebrating your week through photo is a way to get to know you better. I love Imi's smile and the beauty of autumn trees.

  12. The pic of Imi with her book is priceless. Your celebrations hold s much joy - nature, books, reading, music - all bring big smiles.