Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Where, Oh Where, Has My (fill in the blank) Gone?

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Last week I sliced about the lost box of stuff I'd stashed from my desk.  This morning I couldn't find my wallet, tonight at the grocery store I briefly misplaced my keys.  A short while ago, I lost my Fitbit!  Lucky for me I resorted to a tried and true technique to locate it - the power of incentive!  

Anytime I lost something in the classroom (remember I'm retired now),  I'd offer this incentive:  "Whoever can help me find __________ gets a cookie bar the next time I bake!"  Immediately all hands were on deck, and everyone was actively engaged in the search for my lost item. Unfortunately, now it's just hubby and me.  We try to help each other as much as we can, but sometimes we're unsuccessful.

Such was the case with my lost Fitbit.  I had looked, Lance had looked, we had looked again and again.  I knew I had it the evening before because I clearly remembered checking it as I came downstairs and realizing that I still needed about 3,000 steps to reach my goal.   I had gone through the garbage twice, checked in the seat cushions of the chairs in the family room, checked the dirty clothes basket, scanned the rug, stripped the bed, and kept a sharp eagle eye out everywhere I walked.  

My kids came over for a visit on Sunday morning.  I casually mentioned that I had lost my Fitbit and offered $5 to anyone who could find it.  My daughter insisted that I should offer more, so I increased the incentive to $10.  Within ten minutes, she found the lost Fitbit and claimed her $10. Never underestimate the power of an incentive!  Look at this picture to see if you can spot it.  
Need a hint?  It's maroon!
Still can't find it? 
Neither could I.
Look near the feet of the table.
It's perfectly lined up with the back left foot. 
Thank goodness for the eagle eyes of my daughter
and the power of incentive!


  1. Oh, Ramona, you make me laugh. I'm so glad your daughter came to visit! She's glad too!

  2. Glad you found it (or at least through your daughter). In my house they call me 'The Finder'. I worry a bit about the day that I can no longer fulfill my roll!