Tuesday, November 10, 2015

So Many Books, Never Enough Time!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
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Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, BethAnna, Kathleen, and Deb
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Decision Time!  Do you struggle with what to pack for a trip?  For me, the clothes are a secondary decision.  The most important decisions are what books to pack.  I generally pack a couple of books in my carry on and then add a few more in my checked bag, but when I travel with my husband . . .  no checked bag!  Here are my choices as of this morning (still subject to the whims of my indecision):

Adult Book Club - The Grapes of Wrath  - can you believe I've never read it?  And I'm a native Oklahoman!

Mock Newbery Book Club - The Thing about Jellyfish - also a finalist for National Book Award

Professional Book - Falling In Love with Close Reading - I won't tell you how long I've owned it, but I knew after Chris Lehman's session at All Write that I needed to read his book.

Just for Fun - Still considering the possibilities for this one!

And here's a picture of the bookshelf I'm leaving behind (and that doesn't include the picture book basket that sits by my favorite chair).  
Retirement provides a bit more reading time, but I still return many library books unread and move them to my "check out again" list!


  1. Ramona, my list of books to read grows larger by the day. So glad that you are keeping on top of it and suggesting books. I just went to a workshop with Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts on their book. Although I have seen them before and read the book, I always like to listen to a new perspective.

  2. I hear you, my friend. I went on a trip this weekend. I had two books from a library on my bedside table but I didn't want to take those. I had one unread book on my Kindle (A Walk Across the Sun) and decided it would be enough. I started but it was a tough topic and I couldn't continue. Fortunately I was so busy learning that it left minimal reading time. On my way back I bought two new paperback books (Big Magic and Calm) from the airport. I hope you enjoy the books you packed.

  3. You make me laugh as you ponder your choices. When did you have time to read and teach before? Enjoy your books, whatever you decide.

  4. Ramona, these are the types of decisions I long to make. I'm sure whatever you choose will be delightful.

  5. These decisions are SO hard. I find it especially hard to select the right books when I'm flying since I don't want to carry too much or pack the wrong one. ARGH!

  6. I do take a poetry book along, but usually just load up my kindle. I loved Jellyfish & you know I loved Big Stone Gap too. Just sayin'. . .

  7. I'm leaving for a short trip on Thursday that will require almost two full days of travel. Right now I'm thinking more about what books I'll take to read than the presentation I'll be giving!!

  8. You're ambitious! Tho, I struggle with which books to bring on trips, too. Very cool when you can finish an entire book on the trip, so that the book's plot melds beautifully with your real memories

    So what did you decide to bring for the "fun" category?
    *Don't forget a notebook for writing!!

  9. Great choices in your bag and on your shelf! Hope you have a great trip!

  10. That bookshelf looks daunting and inviting at the same time. May I suggest Our Souls At Night by Kent Haruf for your just for fun pile. It is very short and very, very good.

    1. Just requested it! Thanks for the recommendation.