Monday, November 9, 2015

A Wild Roundup with Irene Latham!

Stop by Irene's blog Live Your Poem to
celebrate her 10 year blogiversary.  Check out her  
list of 14 things she's learned in 10 years of blogging.  

It's time to roll out the red leaf carpet,
and light the Chihuly glass
to celebrate our blogger friend, Irene Latham!
I was introduced to Irene at NCTE 2014
by my new friend, Kim Dooele.
Kim and I met at the newcomer's breakfast.
It was difficult to hide my wild excitement.  Newly retired
and attending NCTE for the first time, I couldn't believe 
that authors and poets and bloggers were everywhere,
attending the same sessions I was attending!  
I'm a fan of Irene's books,
Leaving Gee's Bend and Don't Feed the Boy
I was wildly ecstatic to snag a copy of her new book
Dear Wandering Wildebeest
and this picture with Laura Purdie Salas and Irene.
But the wildest thing I did this past year was responding to 
Irene's tweet inviting me to join the 2015 Progressive Poem.  
The days that followed were filled with wild dread
until my lines were penned and submitted.  
Then it was a wild frolic as we followed the
poetic adventures of our mermaid girl living without a net!
It's amazing to be a part of the blogging world.  
Thanks, Irene, for your wild support of so many bloggers
and congrats on this milestone, your ten year blogiversary!


  1. Ramona! I love that picture so much and will never forget meeting you at NCTE. I am basically a shy person, and you made me feel like I was with a friend I'd known all my life. I am in love with that red leaf carpet! Thank you for shining your light and sharing in the wild celebration today! xo

  2. It's the sweetest post, with that red carpet beginning, Ramona. Love every bit, especially that picture of you, Irene and Laura. What a wild memory you shared.

  3. I agree, the Progressive Poem is so much fun!

  4. NCTE 14 was a wild and wonderful ride for me, too. Unforgettable. Love the picture. Wish you were coming this year.

  5. That might be my favorite kind of red carpet :-) Sweet post!

  6. Ramona, it may be wild that we share a fondness for the work of

    Barry Lopez
    Irene Latham
    Laura Purdie Salas

    a swim with the April '15 progressive poem.

    Appreciations for your wild thoughts + images.