Saturday, January 2, 2016

Celebrate This Week

                            Join us each weekend for Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres.  
                                          When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy. 
Discover. Play. Build.
                        A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

Inspired by Carrie's list of simple things, I choose a few simple moments to share:

Family dinner at Cactus followed by "family sit-in" on possible new couch!
Sara's long day of couch shopping with her dad earlier in the month
is rewarded with the stamp of approval by all family members.
Couch is ordered!

Watching movies together and playing games and telling stories!
I convinced Blake and Stefi to join me for "Places in the Heart,"
a personal favorite they had never seen.

Saying goodbye to 2015 at Slater Park (so happy to see the sun)!

Bumping into former students and parents of former students at the grocery store:
Mia, who works at QFC,
Julia, a junior, selling baked goods for a high school club,
Kacey, a junior at Western (majoring in early childhood & elem. ed),
and seeing parents of three former students,
(nothing beats teaching and living in a small town).

Still enjoying Christmas decorations
(undecorating can proceed at a more leisurely pace in retirement).

Still pondering my OLW, lots of possibilities for 2016,
TBA soon, maybe for Tuesday's Slice of Life.


  1. Lovely list Ramona! I think living in a small town must have such charm. I love my city but I have been thinking more and more about living somewhere small.

  2. I ran into a former student at a nearby coffee shop a week or so ago, so wonderful to touch base. We hadn't been in touch since her 8th grade & now she's a freshman at Brandeis. Love that you have that awesome water near-lucky you! It is those simple things, like having your daughter back in your life. Love the couch testing, too! Happy, happy New Year, Ramona.

  3. Writing a list of simple things is a beautiful way to start a year. Watching movies and playing games is one of the favorite things on my list. Happy New Year!

  4. I love that you are leisurely in your undecorating. :) And how wonderful to live in a place where you can see the fruits of your work... how inspiring. We love introducing our favorite movies to the kids, too. :) Now what is your OLW??? I will be back to check. xo