Saturday, January 23, 2016

Celebrate This Week: Authors and Flights Home and Bears, and Moonshots!

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                        A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

1.  A new bear!
Sometimes a new stuffed animal just claims your heart.  Wendy and I 
were exploring shops before dinner last Saturday when this little guy
whispered to me that he was the perfect size for my church bag.
I can't wait for Imi to meet him at church tomorrow. 

2.  Author event on Tuesday - Gretchen Rubin at the Seattle Public Library!
It was a crazy rainy day, but Sara still wanted to go.  Gretchen graciously
signed our books after her presentation and even posed for this pic with us.

3.  Blake's flight home from NY to DC on Friday morning!  
Stefi is glad he's home to weather the blizzard with her.

4.  Mystical moon shot!
I was running errands on Friday evening
as dusk fell when I spotted a breathtaking moon.
My i-phone shot doesn't do it justice, but it was gorgeous.
You have to know that we haven't had many clear night skies lately,
or maybe it's just that I'm rarely out after dusk!


  1. My elementary aged students love their class pets. I bought them a squirrel at the airport at NCTE and told them I found him at the airport. They loved making up stories about him. You moon shot is lovely. The full moon rose in a clear sky tonight. I didn't take a picture, though. It's too hard to get a good one. Thanks for sharing your celebrations.

  2. Love that bear, & you are thoughtful to take him for yours & for Imi! I just sent a message asking about your son. I'm so glad he made it. What a storm! I saw the moon last night too-so beautiful! Have a great day, Ramona.

  3. It is a breathtaking dusk sky. The moon reminds me of one of those psychological tests - the ones where you see a woman or a witch depending on the way you look at it.

  4. What finds of the week! Our moon had clouds whisking by and I wanted to get a picture, but it was covered when I could get to the phone, drats! At least you got a shot.

  5. I love your moon shot. It almost looks like a watercolor. P.S. I love your list!

  6. We have some stuffed animals in our store and I swear they've been eyeing me to take them home!