Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Slice of Life: Stories are Everywhere!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, BethAnna, Kathleen, and Deb
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It's a Monday morning at the post office.  The line is long, and the lady in front of me offers to let me go ahead of her since she has stuff to address.  I tell her I'll go ahead, but knowing our post office she may be finished by the time we advance to the window.  I promise that she can have her spot back if that is the case.  

Only two windows are open, one employee is helping a patron with a difficult passport issue, and the other employee is helping a patron with two very large boxes that are being prepped for shipping.  I  remind myself that I'm lucky to be retired (with enough time to not be rushed all the time) and look around the small space at other people in line with me.  I smile as I watch a man fold a Seahawks scarf and tuck it into a flat rate envelope.  I imagine the college student at the other end excitedly receiving this Seahawks gear, just in time for wearing before our next game.  

I remember the year Sara and Will were living in NY and she let me know that I had mailed my son-in-law Seahawks clothing for Christmas,  but my own daughter didn't have any.  I remedied that situation with an evening trip to a nearby mall and tucked her new Seahawks tee into a flat rate priority envelope for quick delivery.  

I smile at the man and comment, "Someone's going to be mighty happy to open that package!"  He responds, "It's for my 82 year old mom.  She left it here over Christmas and has called three times to remind me to mail it."  I quickly revise my imagined recipient, add 60 odd years, and know that Seahawks fans are dedicated no matter what their age.  I think of that man's mom gladly receiving her scarf several times throughout a busy Monday.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the lady behind me did finish her preparation before I reach the window, and I invite her to return to her original spot in line.  Who says a morning at the post office can't provide a slice of life?  


  1. You have to have your eyes open, as you did, to see these slices of life everywhere.

  2. Love your view of the world. Finding slices and an opportunity for a kind act at the post office. Life is just that sometimes, waiting in line. You are making the best of it all.

  3. I am amazed on your ability to wait patiently and observe all that is in front of you during the WAITing time.

  4. Absolutely LOVE this slice! Felt like I was at the post office with you. Thanks again for my Seahawks shirt. I wore it on Sunday!

  5. Love it Ramona, I wrote a post from the post office once, too. Amazing what can happen if you watch. I love that turn of events when you found it was his mother, not his son, funny!

  6. Quite a story! I love that this gentleman's mom still cares about her team! And should I say, GOOO BRONCOS!

  7. I love the way you develop a story in your mind from what you are observing. I do this too. :-) Then it is particularly fun when you learn more of the story and have to rethink your original thought. This is the perfect way to stand and wait in a line. Way to go Ramona!