Sunday, July 3, 2016

Celebrate This Week: Happy Moments

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                                                             When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build.
A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember. 

1.  Family Time
It was great fun to spend the night with my favorite cousin Carol.  When I checked in at the hotel and learned that Jan wasn't arriving for another day, I decided to bunk with Carol since Steve (her husband) and Abby (her granddaughter) weren't arriving until the following day.  It's been decades since we had a sleepover together, but we grew up as close cousins and enjoyed many sleepovers during our growing up years.  I miss seeing Carol and Steve on my visits home since they have moved to Arkansas to be closer to their sons and families.    
Cousin Carol, her husband Steve, and BFF Jan
I loved the drive to our hometown with my BFF Jan (my "udder sister") and our shared time together at Karl's before she headed home to T-town.  I didn't fly through Tulsa, so I loved that she made time to join our wedding festivities and spend time with me during my visit.  
 I enjoyed spending a  few days with Kathy and Karl.  Out time together included a movie, meals out, walks together, the farmer's market, Kathy's delicious cooking, shopping, games, and visiting, and of course the drives from the airport and back again.  
Home cooked goodness from the farmer's market and Kathy's kitchen
(tomatoes, purple onions, cucumber, chicken & dumplings, 
green beans & new potatoes, fried squash, corn on the cob).
Kat and Karl
Karl and I went through a stack of old family photos he received from a cousin a few years ago.  We talked about Karl's goal to start writing.  I think he may use wordpress, which means I can't help him since I use blogger. If you had a family member beginning to blog, which platform would you recommend?  Blogger or wordpress?  
Sara enticed me to join her for a food drive for Hopelink on Saturday morning.  On Saturday evening we joined Sara and Will for a cookout with friends.  I love that we can hop in the car and be at their house in twenty minutes.  

2.  Friend Time
Shelly just retired and worked her last day this past week.  Karen and I celebrated with her on Friday with a walk together.  Later that evening Shelly and I shopped for kid supplies needed to outfit her place.  She's been watching her granddaughter one day a week, but will now enjoy two days a week with her at grandma's place.  I have two lunch dates scheduled with friends which should help pass the time until . . .

 3.  Teddy Time
We head to the east coast soon to meet our new grandson.  I enjoyed watching my phone messages for pictures arriving from the east coast.  I loved a couple of FaceTime experiences this week.  But what I'm really excited for is to meet Theodore in person and snuggle this handsome guy!
Sweet dreams, Teddy!
 First outing - Dad and Teddy head to pediatrician!
Pic of the new family!
Teddy with Grandma Barb!


  1. All wonderful, but that final one is spectacular. He is a cutie, and love that yawn! Happy days, Ramona!

  2. That last celebration is somehow the best one...what a beautiful baby! Enjoy your reunion, Ramona!

  3. Teddy is a little doll and that yawn is delicious! It is great to have family time that is filled with happiness. Enjoy!