Saturday, July 23, 2016

Celebrate This Week: Road Trip and a Birthday!

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                                                             When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build.
A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember. 

Things to celebrate about a road trip to Idaho with my daughter, Sara:
1.  A cooler full of fresh fruit
2.  Seven books stashed in my bags
3. Time for a shared read aloud (The BFG)
4.  A stop in Pendleton, OR for a delicious lunch
(Sara remembered this spot from her rotation there.)
5.  An air-conditioned car (It was 106 degrees outside.)
6.  Delightful friends and delicious food at the end of the road
(Sara is visiting Carson and family and I'm at the Grahams.)
7.  A quilting focus for today with a stop at the quilting store
and an evening for Sara and Jolene to quilt
(My friend Jolene has a long-arm quilting machine.  Sara has a quilt she wants to finish.  Sara and Jolene share the quilting addiction.
I visit with the two of them while they quilt.
And when they quilt far into the night?
I leave them to it and head to bed.)
8.  A friendship begun over thirty years ago
that continues to sustain and enrich our lives 
(The Grahams come to Washington in December!)
9.  Teddy's one month birthday on Friday!
Stefi shared these words and this pic - 
"Cheers to being one month old!  Teddy is calm, alert, and sweet. He makes funny growling noises when he is starving and nursing -  
 earning him the nickname bear cub."


  1. 10. Full, happy hearts.
    That's what I sensed as I read about your road trip.
    And what a cute baby picture! My niece has been doing this with our little Joshua. We are already up to the fourth one. What a great way to see the growth.

    1. I'm envious of the ways this younger generation is documenting the lives of their little ones. I was never good at keeping baby books, but I do have many photos.

  2. So much to celebrate here! Oh that Teddy is so adorable!!!

  3. It is so fun to live a part of the lives of our (mostly) online friends! I could feel the joy of Teddy's birth, the delight you had of actually getting to hold him, and now the celebrating of his milestones. Then this roadtrip with so much more to celebrate!! You have a blessed life so full of love!

  4. fun festive list! sounds like a memorable trip!

  5. Teddy!!! That's many celebrations rolled into one adorable baby, Ramona!

  6. What a great road trip and perfect grandson! I just want to hold him!

  7. Your celebrations sound fabulous and full of joy! Travel safe.

  8. The road trip sounds wonderful, Ramona. My Sarah & I are going back to see my brother in a few weeks. Can't believe that Teddy is already one month old. Time does fly!

  9. So cute! Love it. And your roadtrip sounds awesome. Making a list is a great way to celebrate...I might have to try that with my own kiddos as a reflection on our summer before we go back to school. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sounds like it was a great trip! I love your Celebrations!! I think I'm going to incorporate something like this in my posts!!

  11. Bear cub-what a cute nickname for Teddy. I hope you send us the quilting club photos and the finished products, Ramona.