Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Slice of Life: Books, Brownies & Beyond - Summer Gathering

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What could possibly draw my attention away from
Teddy, my new grandson?   
1.  A library excursion (we took Teddy with us)
2.  A chance to entice readers I'd just met
with my favorite MG novels
3.  A stop at Hooray for Books (to buy books for Teddy)
4.  ?

I promised last week to share the fourth way that I promoted books during my visit to VA.  We went to Cafe Rio for Teddy's first dinner out.  It took longer than expected and the line was longer than usual.  Chick-fil-A was next door, and it was their famous "free food if you dress like a cow" promotion.  I think some folks came to Cafe Rio rather than stand in the line at Chick-fil-A.  As we finished our meal, I checked my watch, mentally calculated the time difference, and hoped to arrive back at my son's place in time to FaceTime with Books, Brownies, and Beyond, our middle school book club.  We meet weekly during the school year, and because we are so used to being together, the students insist that we meet each month during summer vacation.

Once we connected, the first request by the members of the club was to see Teddy.  He got lots of oohs and aahs and was generally admired by all.  Then I had a quick chat with each member in attendance so I could hear about his or her summer reading.  This meeting was in our temporary library location, but the renovations are complete so our August meeting will be back at the library in the new meeting room space.   Thanks to Carrie Bowman, KCLS librarian, who facilitated the meeting.  Cookie bars were enjoyed by all since I baked and delivered them to Carrie before I left town.  
Teddy meets the members of
book club via FaceTime!  

Book club always begins with time to browse books!

Books read by members of book club!
More books read by book club members!

Join us for our August meeting in the
new meeting room of the library.
Tuesday, August 9th, 4-6 pm.
All middle schoolers are invited,
including incoming 6th graders.


  1. This is really awesome that you would make time for your readers in the midst of the Teddy visit. I imagine they were thrilled to have a short meeting with this new baby, soon to be a Books, Brownies & Beyond reader! FYI-I thought you might do something about that cow-dressing costume! You led me on!

  2. Baby, books, brownies & beyond-what more can middle school readers want? How wonderful that you bring all of this specialness to children during the summer, Ramona.

  3. I am totally impressed with your ability to attend your book meeting while on the other side of the country! What an great example you are for these kids! What can I say about Teddy? He's absolutely adorable!

  4. Ramona: You. Are. Amazing. Using technology and baking skills all in service of making reading connections and stoking young readers' passions. Go, you.

  5. Teddy is precious. Mmm.
    How wonderful you still meet with your group in the summer! Wow!