Saturday, August 27, 2016

Celebrate This Week: Organized Classrooms, Liberty, & A Trip to Visit Teddy

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A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember. 

1.  Organized classrooms
One of the benefits of retirement and subbing is the opportunity to be in many different classrooms.  Although we haven't started school yet, I've been doing some testing this past week.  I love these labeled supply cubbies.  I would have loved one of these organizers when I was teaching.  
2.  Author generosity
I recently commented to Kirby Larson on Facebook that the ARC of Liberty (that I received from Island Books for our after school book club) was snatched up at one of our summer meetings.  Look what arrived in my mailbox this week from Kirby!
I plan to finish it soon and then ship it to OK for my niece's 4th grade classroom. There's something very special about getting to read a book before the actual publication date.  
3.  A view of Mt. Rainer
Sometimes the weather and the flight paths cooperate and I can see Mount Ranier as I leave Seattle.
4.  Teddy time while Stefi enjoys a girls' day out 
My daughter-in-law was able to take advantage of my visit to spend some time with her girlfriends.  We enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes (Blake's favorite breakfast), a Costco run,
and lots of time to visit with Teddy.  Here's a pic of him in Dad's lap,
chatting with me this morning.
Smiles for Grandma!
A serious moment!
A satisfied moment!


  1. The new Kirby Larson book looks wonderful! Revolutionary war? And that baby, just perfection!

    1. Actually it's WW II and set in New Orleans. Billed as part of her Dogs of War series. I loved Dash, also set in WW II.

  2. Ohmigosh, that baby!!! So sweet. Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing! My kiddos are 6 and 9 now and I have no idea where the time went!

  3. The moments with the baby are precious. Sweet pictures.

  4. Such wonderful celebrations from mountains to books to baby smiles!

  5. Oh, Teddy is already growing into the smiles! He is so darling, Ramona! I'm glad you have this new visit! I saw Mt. Rainier when I visited there with my class. What a beautiful welcome it was. Have a great rest of your visit!

  6. Ramona, I applaud you that you continue to sub in schools during retirement. My, my, Teddy is growing so fast and has a little personality shining through the photos. You always tell me to capture photos from your blog for my galleries. I am going to take the in flight photo because it is indeed a summerscapes' moment.

  7. That baby! Oh my. That would be enough to celebrate - but I love how you have so much else in here as well. :-)

  8. Oh that serious Teddy pose reminds me of one of my sons a long time ago... Mt. Rainer! I hope I get to see it when I visit. :) Yay for Kirby's Liberty, which I haven't read yet but will! xo