Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Picture Books to Sing! #pb10for10

It's time for one of my favorite blogging events, #pb10for10.  Book lovers gather to share their favorite picture books. Cathy provides detailed instructions if you want to participate.  Join our #pb10for10 google community, share your favorite titles, and discover wonderful new books.  A giant thanks to Cathy Mere and Mandy Robek for sponsoring this yearly event.

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As most of my regular readers know, I'm in a new relationship.  I became a first-time grandma on June 22.  We traveled to the east coast to meet Teddy (Theodore) in July, and I was swept off my feet.  I'm head over heels in love!  And as I thought about this new relationship, my theme for this year emerged - Picture Books to Sing.

I headed to Island Books on Monday where I spent a delightful afternoon perusing their shelves and snapping pictures of titles.  At one point Lori asked if I needed anything.  I explained that I was working on a blog post, and she left me to my own wanderings.  We're lucky that Nancy Stewart, a pied piper of children's music and founder of Sing With Our Kids, lives in our community. Thanks to Nancy's influence and frequent storytimes/performances at Island Books, we have this special section in our bookstore.

So in honor of Teddy, my new grandson, I bring you 10 books to sing, 10 books to croon to the young ones in our arms . . .

1.  I purchased the board book version of this title at Hooray for Books while visiting Teddy (and his parents).  Exquisite illustrations and verses that I didn't know existed make this a top choice for all new parents (and grandparents).

2.  I almost purchased this one too, so I was excited to see it in the bin at Island Books.  The four preschool favorites include one of the songs that I frequently sang to my children:  "You Are My Sunshine."

3.  No child should grow up without this song in his/her repertoire. I love that this version by
Paul Zelinsky has celebrated 25 years in print.

4.  Every child loves this simple tune and this book has the added bonus of including sign language to accompany the words and actions.

5.  My mother sang the traditional verses to me which I also sang to my children.  But I love Sylvia Long's version which focuses on comfort to be found in the natural world (as opposed to comfort found by buying things).  I'm adding this title to my "books to buy for Teddy" list.

6.  Old McDonal Had a Farm, a perennial childhood favorite starring Pete the Cat!
7.  For several years I was Max's Sunday buddy during Primary (children's Sunday School).  He frequently requested "Puff the Magic Dragon."  I stumbled through a few phrases and hummed the rest.  This book could have rescued me.  It also includes the words to "Brahms' Lullaby," something else I need to add to my repertoire, so I can sing it rather than merely hum the tune.

8.  I'm in love with Jane Cabrera's illustrations and lyrics that begin with the familiar words of this round, but take Cat and Dog on a jungle journey through the rain forest with new lyrics as they meet various animals in the forest.  A brand new discovery for me!

9.  I purchased this title recently from the used book shelves provided by Friends of the Library and popped it into my church bag to share with Imi, my two year old friend.  Oops, it's impossible to read. As soon as I opened to the first page, I wanted to belt out the words.  Not the best one to share during church.  Perhaps the series should be called "Bunny Sings Back" instead of "Bunny Reads Back."

10.   Since I'm collecting these titles with my grandson Teddy in mind, this delightful version of a favorite children's song is a title that must be included.  This board book pulled from my own shelves has all the verses.

It's been awhile since I've sung to a babe in my arms, so I'm sure you have some favorites that I've missed.  What picture books to sing would you add to Teddy's list?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! This post is so much fun. I'm going to pin it on Pinterest. Books like these were amongst my favorite when Isabelle was younger. Now that I have a baby on the way (seven more weeks to go!), I have to revisit these kinds of books.

    BTW: Pete the Cat's Wheels on the Bus was a HUGE hit in our home when Isabelle was younger. Maybe Teddy will like that one too.

  2. Marvelous to see all these books, Ramona, and "just right" for you and Teddy, too. I think I might get that final one, too. We sing other songs lately, but the girls have loved Iza Trapani's books that "sing", too, especially "I'm A Little Teapot". They have that Pete The Cat, a favorite. Thanks!

  3. what a great theme for 1o for 10! These books are wonderful for kindergarten children as well as new moms! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Teddy is off to a great reading start, Ramona!

  5. I can tell you like singing with your grandchild! These will be fun books to check out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this theme, Ramona, and all the beautiful books you've included. Teddy is a lucky little boy to have such a devoted, caring grandmother! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love hearing about your new relationship, Ramona! Wonderful to make song a part of it. Puff the Magic Dragon was one my father sang to me... also The Battle of New Orleans and a whole slew of songs that appeared on an album called Goofy Gold. Now I'm going to have to track that down. :)