Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Slice of Life: Sunny Made Me Do It!

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While we are quite organized about our travel plans and careful about budgeting travel expenses, I just returned from an unplanned trip to DC.  When we returned in July from our first trip to see Teddy, I booked a second trip with Sara in October.  We'll be there for my son Blake's 32nd birthday, my daughter Sara's 30th birthday, and Teddy's four month mark.  I was great with this plan until Sunny disrupted it.   

It's a well-known fact in our church congregation that I love babies.  One Sunday in late July, I chatted with Sunny and her mom in the foyer before Sunday School.  When I sat down in Sunday School class, Sunny's mom tapped me on the shoulder and handed me her beautiful daughter.   I enjoyed every moment with this sweet girl.   When I handed her back, I asked her mom how old she was. "Four months," she replied.  And that's when I started scheming to fit in another trip before Teddy was four months old.  I could not let him get that big without another visit from Grandma.

We looked around and found some miles that we could combine with some cash and we made it happen.  I was even okay with a middle seat (since that's all that was available).   I left on Friday, timed my arrival so that Blake could pick me up after work and returned on Monday morning with an airport drop-off before Blake went to work.  I'm so glad that a few moments with Sunny on a Sunday morning in July convinced me that I needed to see Teddy before our planned October trip. And I'm glad for hubby's business travel that provided miles for this unplanned, but oh-so-wanted trip for this first-time Grandma to visit nine week old Teddy (and his mama and daddy too).  Was it worth it?  You bet.  I loved every precious moment!
Cuddle time with Grandma

Shoulder time with Dad
Tummy time on quilt made by Aunt Sara


  1. Oh Ramona, he is so adorable! It must be so hard being so far away. You are lucky to have the technology that we do so you can at least "see" him...although I know it is not the same as those personalized cuddles!

  2. Is it bad that I envy you the grandchild time even though I know my sons are in no way ready to be parents? So glad you took the extra trip! I know I will regret not living closer to my kids when (if) my time comes.

  3. So glad for you! Such a cute guy!

  4. How adorable! Enjoy your time with the precious baby! (Jennifer Sniadecki)

  5. Lucky Teddy...his grandma rocks!

  6. He is darling, Ramona. I don't blame you at all. You know they say you can't take it with you! The moments are worth every bit. I'm glad you spent that early time with Sunny, too!

  7. I am so glad that you got to see little Teddy when he is starting to have a personality, as evidenced by his tummy time. It must be delicious being a grandma.