Sunday, December 4, 2016

Celebrate This Week

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A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

A very late, quick post . . . 
but so many small and simple things to celebrate this week.  
On Saturday, two fine gentlemen (my husband and sil) set up the Christmas tree.
It's not decorated yet, but the colored lights warm my heart and make me remember that Christmas is coming (even if that is the only thing done so far in our household.)  Oh, I forgot, I put up the Christmas lights on the deck early in the week.  And on Friday, I hosted a shift at the
Bellevue Festival of the Nativity.  Here are a few favorites from the 500+ nativity sets 
exhibited at the Festival from around the world.  
 A simple wooden creche at the entrance
 I love the way that every character is looking to  
heaven and praising God in this clay nativity from
New Mexico.  
 A simple depiction of a heavenly event . . . 
I love the colors in this scene from Haiti carved 
from a recycled oil drum. 
These felted sheep's wool figures are from Kyrgyzstan.
A tiny Eskimo nativity with a puffin & polar bears
 The expression on the sheep standing guard over baby Jesus - priceless!
 This Raku pottery from South Africa is my favorite set.
I love the variety of animals native to that part of the world!
 The children's room with hands-on nativities,
puppets, coloring pages, and puzzles... 
In the room next door are costumes for
dressing up as characters in the nativity.  

I'm celebrating two beautiful scenes captured at my former school this week.
 This gorgeous sky as I left book club on Tuesday afternoon,

 and this late display of fall color captured when I subbed
on Friday morning.  Thanks, Patty, for telling me about it.  

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  1. I saw the one pic from your nativity sharing. That one from Haiti is so beautiful! And thanks for the pics, also lovely to see! Have a terrific week decorating. I put my tree up, but no decorating yet, either!