Saturday, January 14, 2017

Celebrate This Week: Friends, Bloggers, and Finding Neverland

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Discover. Play. Build. 
A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

I celebrate time with two good friends at an independent bookstore.
I touted the merits of recent middle grade books I've read in preparation for the upcoming announcement of the Newbery award.
And I snapped pics of titles that caught my eye.  

I celebrate finding new blogging friends.
This morning I read Kate Kraushaar's post on TWT.   While I don't read all the TWT posts anymore, anytime a middle school teacher is featured I'm compelled to read it.  At the end of her post, I clicked on the link to Kate's blog and scrolled through her posts, stopping to read more if something caught my eye.  And I found one I simply must share.   Check out Kate's post which provides some questions to guide students as they reflect on their progress in reaching this goal:  
"Students will be able to select and comprehend good-fit books, build their reading stamina,
and show their thinking in writing and conversation."  
If you're looking for a way to have your students write authentically about their reading lives, then this post is a great starting place.   

I celebrate that my daughter and I are headed to the theater today
to see "Finding Neverland."


  1. Katie is great! I was excited to see her post this morning too. Have a great weekend, Ramona!

  2. Enjoy your play today! I have not yet read the TWT post, but it is in my plans for today. Thanks for the heads-up on it.

  3. It always intrigues me how one link leads me down a path of learning. Enjoy your time with your daughter that is a celebration!

  4. Your books entice, Ramona. Oh, my list is very long! Have a great time at the theater!

  5. Have a wonderful time and the theater, Ramona - and thanks for the peek at your reading life.

  6. Oh, thank you for sharing that link! One of the many reasons I love the blogging community so much is that I'm always learning, and there's always so much creativity and inspiration to discover!

  7. Your celebration includes time with others and meeting others - people enrich our lives.

  8. The book titles look interesting, Ramona. Thanks for sharing Kate's post.

  9. Books and people, and some theatre - my kind of list. I hope you enjoyed the theater evening.

  10. Thanks for sharing the books and Kate's post. Love the bookends to your piece, Ramona: an independent bookstore with two good friends and a daughter-date at the theater. Such lovely times to celebrate.

  11. Thank you for sharing the link to Katie's post. I'm off to read it. I love your images from the book store! Heaven!