Saturday, January 21, 2017

Celebrate This Week: More Loose Ends!

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A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

Sometimes procrastination serves us well!  Because I hadn't sent my postcard poems out, I had the perfect activity for Friday.  I relished the time to handwrite notes to poetry friends.  I immersed myself in the hopeful words of two past inaugural poets -

I appreciate the lady at Wal-Mart who tried to help me print the image a friend had created for my haiku.  When that failed, she walked me through the steps to add my own text to the pic.

I'm thankful to my friend who shared her pic of our
New Year's Day dusting of snow to accompany my haiku.

I loved this comment from Kristi on Tuesday's Slice of Life:  "Yippee for tying up loose ends! Congratulations and what will you get to do next, now that this is taken care of?"   
Her words nudged me to some productive tying up: 

I finished my Christmas thank you notes.  I took care of another long overdue thank you note.  I finished up a couple of care packages
that never got mailed before the holidays.
(As you can tell, I excel at procrastinating!)  

I enjoyed the last of the nuts from our Christmas stockings.  This nut bowl is one of the treasured items from my youth.  It has the power to transport me to my ten-year old self seated beside my daddy learning how to crack a brazil nut so that it comes out in one piece.  I never managed that this year, but the last one I cracked came out in three pieces that I put back together
in honor of those happy memories.  

Because my son-in-law was on an outing with the Scouts, 
I enjoyed a sleepover at daughter's house on Friday night. 
We're looking forward to sweet baby boy's arrival 
sometime in the next three weeks!


  1. What a great week of finishing off and tying up! How fun to have a sleep over at your daughter's!

  2. I still love handwriting a note. I love to receive them. Congrats on all your accomplishments.

  3. Ramona, I will take a seat next to you on the procrastination couch. I write notes to myself to remember and then I still don't do what I set out. I guess it is because I have to prioritize. Have a great week.

  4. That stack of post was amazing! I'm so glad you took a picture of it, and I'm sure the receivers will be delighted.

  5. I was impressed with all of your progress! So exciting that a little one's arrival is so close!

  6. You will get things done. I think that sometimes the late arriving gifts and wishes are great because you don't necessarily wait for them anymore.

  7. It always feel so good to get things accomplished. Your post reminded me of things that I still need to get done, because like you, I am also a procrastinator. Have a great week!

  8. What a lovely, lovely post of slices to celebrate from your week, Ramona. The last made me say Ahhhh! Nothing like special times of mother-daughter -and soon baby. Congratulations a few weeks early! I look forward to your post after the little one arrives.

  9. Thanks for sharing your your picture of the bowl with the brazil nut. It brought to mind childhood holidays with my grandfather and family.

  10. I love that "tying up loose ends" & it seems you did it! And I loe the story of the nut cracking. We used to try to split the walnuts perfectly because we used those halves (of shells) for little baskets or boats. The nut halves of course were used to beautify stuff, like cakes. Nice, Ramona.