Sunday, January 8, 2017

Celebrate This Week: The Helpers

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A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

I'm celebrating the helpers in my life this week!

My husband helped out by cooking dinner and cleaning the kitchen several times this week.  And he listened to me as I made my way through a very busy week.  I subbed three days and then helped with a dinner for 75 missionaries on Thursday.  I so appreciated my friend Diane's instructions for food preparation and her expertise since she's done this many times before.  I had many helpers from our congregation - from the lettuce brigade who prepped all the romaine, to the brownie bakers, to my friend who made the final Costco run since I was subbing, to the servers who arrived to make sure everything was ready for the luncheon.  Thanks to all who helped!
Every week, there are two special helpers at book club.  
This is the third year that these young ladies have participated 
in our after school book club.  Whatever I need during book club - 
a trip to retrieve something from my car, help organizing book groups,  managing the drawing for a free book, or arranging the final clean up at the end of our meeting, Katie and Elsa are ready to help.  They always help me haul my stuff back to the car after book club.  Here's a fun pic I took last week of these two helpers as they patiently waited (while I chatted with Carrie, our KCLS librarian who assists at book club) to make that trip to the car at the end of the meeting.  

A few other quick celebrations:

I found my OLW and posted about it on

I finished this book which celebrated Beatrix Potter's 150th anniversary year.  Don't miss this tribute from 32 children's book authors-illustrators who reimagine characters from Potter's most beloved tales.  I finished Wolf Hollow and now I'm reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon.  Not much time left before we'll be voting for our favorites in our Mock Newbery at book club.

I celebrate that Sunday morning began with FaceTime
with a couple of my favorite guys - Teddy and his dad!
And here's my favorite holiday pic
from Teddy's first Christmas in Utah!


  1. All great celebrations, and you saved the best for last!

  2. Ramona, what an amazing week of celebrations you have had. The best one of all is baby Teddy at his first Christmas in Utah. He is so sweet and growing up oh so fast. Keep those pictures coming, Grandma.

  3. Beautiful picture of dear Teddy, and celebrating all those helpers is a fine way to begin the year. Love your book club helpers' pic, too! That Potter book is on my list-looks fabulous! Thanks, Ramona!

  4. Oh Ramona...what an exciting life. I love that you are celebrating those people that help out! My missionary daughter is back in the states now, still working in their organization. It is great that they are back home with the girls. xo nanc

  5. Oh look at that little bear picking berries! Adorable! YOU are such a helper, and it's so lovely of you to celebrate these others. Thanks for sharing about the Beatrix Potter book. Must read! xo