Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Slice of Life: Making Hay

Today I join my fellow bloggers in 
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I love that the first words that popped into my head after settling my grandson Jack for a nap were, "Make hay while the sun shines."  And I am so delighted that the sun is shining.  We've had a prolonged rainy spring, so any day with sunshine is cause for joy.  And really, I have to make hay while Jack sleeps.  I have a goal to write my slice of life on Monday, but didn't reach it yesterday.  So here I am with a thread of what's in my head.  And it may be short or it may be longer depending on Jack's ability to sleep in his crib.  We're currently transitioning him from the rock 'n play to the crib.  

            This quote is on my Susan Branch calendar for May.
Here's my own "What is life?" meditation.  

"What is life?  
It's the wonder on Teddy's face as he
explores Grandma's homemade toy 
(beans in a peanut butter plastic jar),
it's the thrill of watching Jack giggle all over,

it's the beauty of this rain-kissed blossom,

and it's the fragrance of lilacs as I step onto the deck.
Each moment precious, each moment beautiful."


  1. And it is reading a grandmother's words! I always say this, but really mean it. I love seeing those pictures of these boys! They are the cutest things, and now you make me miss having a baby nearby. Even my neighbor's youngest just turned two! We need to live down the block from each other! (I love seeing the flowers too, BTW.)

    1. Oh Linda, thanks for your love of my pics! I hesitate sometimes to post more pics, but these boys are so joyful and such an exciting part of my current life.

  2. What beautiful boys!! Thank you for the all-over-giggly Jack especially. :) I'm glad you are getting some sunshine, Ramona. Of course, you ARE sunshine. I miss you! xo

  3. How sweet are they?! Thank you for lovely flower pictures, too. It's so dreary here, that I needed some cheering up! Christie @ https://wonderingandwondering.wordpress.com/blog/

  4. You are living a rich life! Those grandsons are beyond precious in the pictures. I saw the one of Jack sleeping on FB, loved it. Don't ever think you post too many pictures, you don't. Beautiful meditation of life!

  5. I enjoyed your precious and beautiful moments, Ramona. I never heard the phrase, "May hay" so thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am glad that you made hay while the sun shone.

  6. Oh I can see andhear and feel the Gramma love in this post. I never could have imagined or understood the joy that comes with grandchildren until they entered my world; your post really gets to the heart of that joy. They are wonders - just like those miracles of spring found in nature.

  7. Love those boys! Love the lilacs...can almost smell them!

  8. Awe thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos, of the boys and the flowers...so precious and beautiful. It's the little things that count in life. Like the time we can find to write in the midst of a busy day, while the baby sleeps...in my case while my 94 year old grandma sleeps. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us

  9. Your life is full and beautiful, Ramona - you are blessed.

  10. So nice - fun little faces and beautiful flowers! Life is rich with treasures!

  11. Precious and beautiful indeed! Enjoy those blessings you shared.