Sunday, August 27, 2017

Celebrate This Week: Double the Fun!

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   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

Friday afternoon I headed to the airport with Jack in his car seat to pick up my son Blake.  He was flying home for a quick visit in order to add enough miles to keep his status for another year.  I was totally shocked when I pulled up to door 18 to see my son emerge pushing Teddy in a stroller!  Suddenly the extra car seat in the back seat made sense.  My daughter had me bring it over that morning and she installed it in the back seat that morning before leaving for work.  She told me to have Blake check that it was connected correctly because they are ready to move to the next bigger car seat and this is the same car seat that Blake uses.  Silly me, I didn't suspect a thing.  

What a delight to have Blake AND Teddy here for this quick visit.  We headed to the airport this morning so they could catch a 6 am flight home.  Every moment was filled with fun for me.  Teddy is talking more, just in the six weeks since we saw him in Park City.  He loved hanging out with cousin Jack, playing at the park, pushing the wagon with Grandpa, and visiting with Aunt Sara and Uncle Will.  Here are a few pics of our delightful day and a half visit.  I salute my son for flying cross country with a fourteen month old, not something too many dads do on their own. And Stefi enjoyed a fun weekend with girlfriends! Here are a few pics from our weekend fun.  
Stories with Grandma

Sorry, Grandpa,
Teddy prefers pushing the wagon 
to riding in the wagon!

When Teddy wanted to sit with
Jack, he just plopped 
into his lap!  #cousin bonding
 Who needs toys when Grandma 
gives you a metal measuring 
cup and a spoon?
 Blake and Teddy in the drive
making son shine and grandson
shine for me!  Thanks for 
the quick visit.
Blake with Teddy and Jack!
Only four months until
 Christmas when our boys
will be together again!


  1. Best surprise ever! Had so much fun helping Blake & Teddy surprise Grandma!

  2. What a great surprise!!! Love that your kids got together and did that for you, Ramona. I can just imagine your delight! And #cousinbonding is precious and real. It's up to the family to give them times together so they will know and love each other. And y'all are doing it, cross-country and all! Love it. xo

  3. Wonderful surprise, Ramona. They are already changing and growing. Terrific to see those sweet pictures!

  4. Yeah, the boys come together for a fun grandma (and grandpa visit)! I am glad that you enjoyed your time together and that I get to share your joy.

  5. Precious moments and so eloquently captured . . . love the spirit in "My Way" - I can pull the wagon myself and I really like playing in the kitchen! What a great helper!