Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Slice of Life: Work on Ramona

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I just returned from a quick trip to meet up with my niece in San Diego after her 3rd AVID conference training for the summer (she's a trainer). After her last day, we headed to Riverside to visit my sis for a couple of days.  On our way there, we saw a neon road sign with these flashing words:  "Work on Ramona!"  

I know that Ramona is a street in Riverside, but it was thought-provoking for me to think about what work might need to be done on Ramona.  There's lose weight and exercise more - an ongoing challenge. There's clear the table and make room in the files for the last of my"want to hang onto professional stuff."  Maybe I'll try to be better about posting to Poetry Friday.  I do love that community.  Yesterday I found a doable challenge through The Mixed-up Files of Middle Grade Authors, a  blog that I follow.  It's that "fresh start" time of year and even though I no longer teach, the crisp, "I can do something new feeling" always comes with the beginning of the school year.  

In my typical wandering around the web fashion, I discovered the challenge in a roundabout way.  I was scrolling through my reading list at blogspot when this title "Never Too Old for Back-to-School" enticed me to stop and click on the link.  I love these lines from Michelle Houts' post: "The best teachers are perpetual students. I believe that with all my heart."   

And since this is a new-to-me author, I clicked on the link to her blog where I discovered more about her 52 Letters in a Year Challenge.  And I'm saying yes!  There's a part of me that shouts, "You don't need one more thing to do!"  But I love getting real mail and I think there are others like me out there in the world.  My beginning and ending letters are to Michelle, and she promises to write back.  And here's another part of the challenge that I loved - Miss a week?  Just catch up the next week.  Michelle provides a list of ideas and a page for keeping track of your progress with the challenge.    

Are you feeling the pull to learn or challenge yourself in some new way?  What will you "say yes to" this fall? 


  1. What a great moment of inspiration. I don't suppose I am likely to see a "Work on Adrienne" sign too soon, but your post gets me thinking about the things I want to work on.

  2. I adore that you saw that sign, Ramona. How fun (and inspiring) that you took it as a challenge and moved right into the doing! I guess we are on the same page today with ""I can do something new feeling" always comes with the beginning of the school year." It never stops, does it? Have a happy rest of the week!

  3. I love the direction you took from that sign, Ramona. That letter challenge looks like a good one - I do miss letter writing...and receiving!

  4. Work on Ramona! We all need to see a "sign" sometimes to get ourselves going, don't we? I like the letter challenge. As a military wife, I spent several seasons of life as a daily letter writer.

  5. And look at this, school is almost here and you are wearing your lifelong learner hat, Ramona. "The best teachers are perpetual students. I believe that with all my heart."