Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 PB 10 for 10: Picture Books for a Snowstorm!

I love this day each year when we join with other picture book lovers to share titles.  A giant thank you to Cathy Mere and Mandy Robek for creating this special day!  Here's a link to the google community for #pb10for10.  This is my fourth year to participate.  

The idea for this year's theme comes from a request from friend and fellow blogger, Irene Latham.   In response to a recent post about bookshelves in a cabin where I was staying, Irene left this challenge: "If you could donate some picture books to be in a house to be read during a snowstorm, what would they be? Write a post about that, pretty please??"   

Here are ten picture books that I chose for our snowstorm reading pleasures.  I begin with several snowy titles before branching out to some seasonal poetry books, then some books to snuggle up and read with a grandparent, a couple of wonderful stories, and finally a bedtime tale.  

The first choices for our shelf speak to the snowy delights of winter.
1.  The Snow Speaks by Nancy White Carlstrom and illustrated by Jane Dyer
"Then deep winter sets in.
   Day climbs into night
   for one long, winding darkness.
And there is snow on snow on snow."
2.  Winter is the Warmest Season written and illustrated by Lauren Stringer
"In winter, bodies sit closer,
books last longer, and
hugs squeeze the warmest."
3.  Before Morning by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Beth Krommes
"In the deep woolen dark, 
as we slumber unknowing,
let the sky fill with flurry and flight."

And what's a shelf of picture books with some poetry of winter and other seasonal delights?
4.  When Green Becomes Tomatoes:  Poems for All Seasons by Julie Fogliano with pictures by Julie Morstad
"January 30
it is the best kind of day
when it is snowing
and the house
sounds like slippers
and sipping
and there is nowhere to go 
but the kitchen 
for a cookie."
5. Fresh Delicious:  Poems from the Farmer's Market by Irene Latham and illustrated by Mique Moriuchi.  
Where your
meets my
hopeful nose,
the world
with sweetness."

Grandparents stranded in the cabin with their delightful grandchildren will enjoy the next two titles.  
6.  Grandma According to Me by Karen Magnuson Beil and illustrated by Ted Rand is a favorite book from my daughter's childhood.
"But my favorite part of my grandma is her face.  It has lines
all over.  When I was little, I used to call them 'crinkles.'  My
little sister calls them 'winkles.'
     Grandma says they are wrinkles.
     I say they are her story lines."
7.  Grandpa Bud, written and illustrated by Siobhan Dodds, features a grandpa who cooks and the feast he creates for Polly and her friends.  (You might need to explain the rotary phone.)
"Hello, Grandpa Bud.
Mommy said I could 
come over and stay
the night and if I'm 
good you might make 
me a chocolate cake."

Snowstorms and stories belong together and so the next two titles deserve to be tucked on our shelf.    
8.  The Story Blanket by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz and illustrated by Elena Odriozola
"Deep in the snow-covered mountains
was the tiny village where Babba Zarrah
lived.  The children loved to settle down
on Babba Zarrah's big old blanket to
listen to her stories."
9.  Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace Fleming and illustrated by G. Brian Karas
"The princess laughed and clapped
her hands in delight.  
     'A story!'
she exclaimed.  'And an adventure
story at that!  What a fine gift.'"

10.  Every shelf of picture books is in need of a goodnight story.  Goodnight Harry written and illustrated by Kim Lewis speaks to the power of friends when one is facing a sleepless night. 
"Harry looked out of the window.
 He rubbed his tired eyes.
'What if sleep never ever
comes at all?' he said.
'Never mind, Harry,' said Lulu.
'We're here, Harry,' said Ted."

And because I've finished my post, I can visit all the other PB 10 for 10 posts from my friends.  It's time to start requesting titles from the library and when I find one I absolutely can't live
without . . . then I visit Island Books, my favorite indie bookstore! 


  1. So fun! Can you imagine being snowed in without books? With books--heaven. Without...

  2. Beautiful list. We really do need to live down the street from each other. I have noted the ones new to me, and love the description of those first three, will find them, and others! Thanks, Ramona, glad Irene gave you the challenge.

  3. Thanks for your recommendations.
    Apples with Many Seeds

  4. I love your snow and then some list, Ramona! Thank you for your post. :) While we don't expect to get snowed in, I have been thinking about which picture books to bring to the lake house. I went to my shelves, started pulling, and then I was like, but this means I won't have these books HERE. Sigh. Someone wise told me a lake house means you have two of everything! I don't want to do that, not really... so your list is helping me make decisions for a few new purchases. AND. You are so kind to include FRESH DELICIOUS. Thank you! xo