Saturday, September 30, 2017

Celebrate This Week: Moving and Readers and Books, Oh My!

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   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

We spent most of the week helping Sara and Will move into their first house!  It's been busy, but so exciting for them to become homeowners after eight years of renting.  Today we clean the old place.
 Jack explores the grass on closing day.
Hanging out with Grandpa on moving day!

Here's Teddy heading into his local library. 
The paper he's clutching?  
Proof positive that he's read 1,000 books.  It's supposed to be before kindergarten, but he's done it before two years of age. He has plenty of time to add another thousand or two or three to his list.  
Teddy with good friend, Cohen, at the library.
Here's Jack reading with his mom.
  He loves to turn the pages!

Even though Sara had packed the picture books, she left us plenty of board books to read during moving week.  And then I went to the library on Wednesday evening to pick up my latest holds - almost all picture books!
I was so excited to see Flashlight Night 
by Poetry Friday blogger, Matt Forest Esenwine. 
I love that it combines adventure with a love of books!

KCLS announced their Mock Newbery titles for 2018.  
Beyond the Bright Sea (which I love) by Lauren Wolk is the only title I had already read when they published their list.  This week I finished Midnight Without A Moon by Linda Williams Jackson. 
I can't stop thinking about the memorable characters in this historical fiction title set in 1955.
Next up from the KCLS Mock Newbery list is 
Train I Ride by Paul Moser.
And I'm starting Colson Whitehead's
The Underground Railroad for my adult book club.  
I finished this fun, light read recently
and was delightfully entertained!
I'm always enticed by books about bookstores!


  1. A week filled with books is the best! What little readers you have in this next generation! Way to pass on the love Grandma!

  2. Congrats to the family on the new home and thank you for the links. I've only read Beyond the Bright Sea as well. Such an interesting collection of books.

  3. I am so impressed by the paper Teddy is clutching. Reading opens doors and your family certainly has launched lifelong readers. Best of luck to the new homeowners, Ramona.

  4. all special times with BOOKS! and wonderful to have a new home! Best wishes to them.

  5. Train I Ride was my favorite book of the summer - hurry find time to read it now.

  6. How exciting to hear so many books before the age of 2!

  7. So much great bookishness to celebrate! It's fun to see the family moving into their new place and reading. Thanks for sharing pictures.

  8. I love reading about all the books, books, books in your life. And I love the way you share not only with your family but with us. Teddy is adorable and the picture with the giant book is priceless. Enjoy your upcoming week, Ramona!

  9. 1,000 books!??!! WOWZA! I am super impressed.