Friday, April 19, 2019

Poetry Friday: I love you well, my little brother!

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater  at The Poem Farm 
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Today's "Facts" poem in her month long narrative journey for 
Poetry Month shares all the things John has learned about
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I recently pulled this book off my shelf to take to Jack's house. 

I flipped through a few pages revisiting favorite rhymes and that's when I rediscovered this page and this rhyme:

"I love you well, my little brother,
And you are fond of me;
Let us be kind to one another,
As brothers ought to be. 

You shall learn to play with me,
And learn to use my toys;
And then I think that we shall be
Two happy little boys."

And here's our own illustration for this poem
snapped just a few days ago.
Happy Poetry Friday!


  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Leave it to you to find the perfect poem for your happy growing family. Much love to all. xxxx

  2. What a perfect gift of poetry for these moments. Enjoy every one. I'm so happy for you and loved that you shared with us.

  3. Awwwwwwww! Enjoy these days! They are the best! (I haven't lived it as a Grandma yet, so I just have to imagine that!)

  4. This photograph is priceless. Eventually there will be discord, but this kind of love will get them through it.

  5. Oh, how beautiful! I don't know how well this applies to my husband and his brother, though I guess they just showed their love for each other in typical brotherly rough-housing fashion. ;-)

  6. So. Darn. CUTE! You found the perfect poem for the perfect moment!

  7. A new one to me, and you discovered it at the perfect time, Ramona. Serendipity at its best!

  8. How sweet! Your poem and photo are perfect for each other.