Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Slice of Life: Magazine Musings

Yesterday I tackled the mountain of paper on my desk. It's right next to the kitchen table and sometimes I have things I'm working on and they get shifted to my desk when it's mealtime. This month the stacks became precarious (slicing every day can do strange things to the rest of your life). And since our grand boy #3 has not yet arrived (due date was Sunday), I decided that yesterday was the perfect day to tackle the piles. I unearthed several unread magazines which I shifted to the stairs so they can take a spot beside my recliner upstairs, my favorite reading spot.

I've cut way back on my magazine subscriptions. I'm down to four:  the Ensign, the monthly church magazine, Real Simple which is shared with my daughter, Cooking Light which has merged with Eating Well and one that I'll let expire soon, and Weight Watchers magazine. 

But this is the magazine cover that made me smile! 

It was an impulse buy at the checkout stand in February.  I usually only buy magazines when I'm traveling. My mom liked both Family Circle and Woman's Day, so there's a bit of nostalgia that comes with picking up one of these magazines. And the price was right, only $2.79. But the reason I couldn't resist was the articles featured on the cover. I was lured in by four of the six titles.  

Less Stress, More Joy! - Check, always in search of this!

Get Great Stuff for FREE - No thank you, I already have enough stuff!

Fall Asleep Faster! - No need for this, I fall asleep easily, but will reading this help me stay asleep after I wake at 2 or 3 am? 

Soothe Winter-Dry Skin - Check, my dry skin always needs soothing, even when it isn't winter. 

Healthy Comfort Food You'll Crave - Check, wonderful to see healthy and comfort together in reference to food. 

Family Dinner, Slow Cooker Chicken Chili - Check, yum!

Okay, there's a psychology to the words they put on the magazine covers. Take a look at one of yours and see which words are sure-fire enticements for you. And I plan to check out that chili recipe this week. The rain is returning and there's nothing like something warm, ready and waiting, when it's drippy outside.


  1. I enjoyed reading why each article drew attention for you! I also never thought about the psychology of magazine word covers - as I read them over in your list I thought of them as leads, mentor text to grab a reader's attention.

  2. As I read the article titles, I thought I could hear a poem in them. I'm with you about warm when it's drippy and cool out. I hope you try the chili and let us know how it is.

  3. Fun to see your post about Women's Day, Ramona. I used that title in a recent poem, nostalgia for what I saw on my family's tables so long ago. And I love Real Simple, but only purchase once in a while, perhaps it's the modern-day "Womens Day"?

  4. Oh, so there is life outside of slicing everyday in March? I'll have to remember that for next year. 😊