Sunday, March 31, 2019

SOL 31/31: Looking Back!

Books are on the top of the heap. 
I have fourteen blog posts referring to my love of books. 

My posts are numbered. 
Apparently I have a fixation with numbers.  I have eleven blog posts that refer to numbers in the titles. 
My favorite? Rome in Three Days!
A favorite numbered post from someone else?
(Halfway through writing this post, I ran out of power. I went downstairs to get my power cord and came back with a cookie and milk. Never underestimate the power of milk and a cookie to power a writer.)
I'm obsessed with being a grandma.
It's my favorite gig. I have ten blog posts that reference this all-time favorite mantle. I have the two best grandsons in the world. Soon to be three since today is daughter's due date. And yes, I finally packed my grandma bag for the hospital.
My favorites? Of course I have two since I have two grandsons.

I slice about slicing.
That's definitely a sentence that requires the context of our community to understand. I write about blogging or how I'm inspired by this community of writers in eight blog posts.
My favorite? Come Meander with Me (and might I add that meander is also one of my favorite words?) 

Poems sneak into my slices.
I have 3 Poetry Friday posts and four other posts that include a poem.
My favorite? Our First Poem, a collaboration with grandson Jack,  combining a love of poetry and springtime

I answer a question with a letter.
Lindy asks me, "What do you blog about?" My short answer, "Mostly about books and being a grandma. 
The long answer? Dear Lindy 

I write a serious post.
Nudged by edifiedlistener, I answer her challenge to write a post about race. I share a book I'm reading, a movie I saw, and a clip from PBS Newshour in From Light and Breezy to Serious and Important.

I borrow my own words.
I reiterate what I said last year on day 31!
"Day 31 has arrived!
 I celebrate
the beautiful writing
of my slicer friends,
the delightful connections
we make as we share our lives,
and the growth we experience
from this month of
writing together
for 31 days!
Oodles of gratitude to the folks at TWT 
who bring us together each year for this
challenging, yet fulfilling month of writing. 
Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!"


  1. Great reflective post, Ramona. I wrote about my March slices, also, but I'm not sure it can be called a reflection. Thank you for your comments throughout March. See you around each week as our writing continues...

  2. This is a great reflection! I haven't read all the slices (of yours and others) that you've referred much good reading material for the future! And "meander" is still one of my favorite words, too. :-) ~JudyK

  3. Oh this was wonderful! I love your reflection what a great idea!
    I also seem to have things I come back to - books, weather, gardens. Thanks for writing - see you on Tuesday! Excited to hear about the new baby!

  4. I think the highlight was “Our First Poem”- I loved that! I always enjoy the book slices- they add to my TBR list every time. From Light and Breezy to Serious and Important still has me thinking about it until I can answer the challenge and write about race, too. And we share our love of poetry. See you sometimes on Tuesdays.

  5. You have awesome writing territories. I enjoy reading about all areas, and the grandkid posts always make me smile.

  6. You've wrapped up the month of march and tied it up neatly in a perfect bow with this slice, Ramona. Thanks for being part of another wonderful month of writing and community!

  7. Fantastic idea to wrap up March in this way. It is fun to read about all of your writing territories. I especially love your grandma posts and how much you love being a grandma.

  8. Good for you for taking the time to write this insightful reflection on your work. I need to take a look back at mine and see what I discover. Thanks for the inspiration. And for a month of thoughtful posts.