Sunday, March 24, 2019

SOL 24/31: Bunny Business

Once the snowmen are packed away, it's time to bring on the bunnies. I have more than a few bunnies and other assorted springtime creatures to decorate the mantle and bookshelves in the family room. This tradition began years ago when I saw my friend Lynn Corder's extensive bunny collection. She assured me that it was easy since her kids usually got some kind of fluffy stuffed creature each year for Easter. The key was just to hang on to the creatures. And so I did.

And last Friday Jack spent the day meeting Grandma's and Mama's and Uncle Blake's bunnies as we unpacked the bunny box. Last week his favorite was Bun Bun, Uncle Blake's bunny. He also liked the bunny that plays "Easter Parade" when you squeeze the heart she's holding. This week the favorite bunny was Blossom, his mama's much loved purple bunny (although Jack insists it is blue). Blossom went with us to the library on Friday and then I let Jack take her home.

But the best bunny business of the week occurred Friday afternoon as Jack and I headed for the stairs and naptime. 

He was talking about bunnies when I looked at him and said, "Do you want to nap with blue bunny? We could go find her."

"Nooo," was his sad reply.

I looked at him, holding his beloved Lovey by the ears and said, "Lovey is a bunny."

He stopped in his tracks, stared incredulously at me, and replied emphatically, "Lovey is a lovey!"  

And so I stand corrected. There are bunnies and loveys and Grandma should never confuse the two.

And when I told this story to Grandpa, he replied, "Lovey doesn't have much of a body. He's kind of flat."

Of course! And so now I know the truth about loveys and bunnies, straight from the mouths of a two-year-old boy and his 
sixty-something-year-old grandpa.
 Jack and Blossom visit the boy and his bunny at the library!
 Bun Bun is on the back row, far right and Pink Bunny
(who plays Easter Parade) is back row next to Yellow Duck.


  1. Well, you have been corrected-- hope you don't forget now! Ha! I can picture that two year-old face, staring incredulously, so serious. Sounds like you're loving grandparenting times!

  2. Clearly you need to get your bunnies and loveys straight! The conversations you captured at the end of the slice give us such a sense of both you and Jack. He is VERY clear about his beliefs and realities of the world!

  3. Oh I love this! I could hear his voice perfectly and I so miss those moments with young ones! I love your ending - juxtaposing Jack and your husband. Lovely way to start my day --thank you!

  4. You always capture him so perfectly! His two-year-old logic is so absolute!

  5. Love those cutie bunnies... but they did torture us when Passover and Easter came close together... there was no way the chocolate we had could match Easter bunnies... Love your move from snowmen to bunnies... let's hope we get spring to enjoy the movie...

  6. Come on Grandma, did you really not know that! Love this interaction between the two of you!

  7. Such a sweet encounter! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Little ones bring back the magic of things - like the unpacking of your bunny collection. I love that Jack took a bunny with him to the library to visit the boy and his rabbit.
    My granddaughter has a stuffed rabbit named Bun-bun - what a great name.

  9. Maybe I’ll get the bunnies out this Spring... I mostly get the collection of stuffed animals out at Christmas. There have been a few years when they were the decorations on the tree.