Monday, March 11, 2019

SOL 11/31: What to Pack in my Grandma Hospital Bag!

Yesterday was my son-in-law's birthday. When we visited for the birthday celebration, my daughter showed me her hospital bag. Even though baby isn't due until the end of the month, maybe it's time to start thinking about my "grandma" hospital bag.

1.  Comfy clothing - my favorite Land's End stretch pants, long sleeve top, lightweight jacket (labor and delivery rooms can be cold), comfy shoes & socks

2.  Travel pillow & eye shades- I probably won't sleep, but last time son-in-law and I switched off resting a bit since her labor was long.

3.  Toothbrush, toothpaste, & facial cleansing wipes

4.  Cellphone & charger, laptop & charger (a March baby means I may need to slice and comment while I'm at the hospital).

5.  Writer's notebook, pens, magazine, & book - probably won't use these, but I prefer to have them just in case

6.  Snacks - Power bars, chocolate, fruit (grab and stash when the call comes) and several bottles of water 

7.  Toy & book for when big brother Jack comes to the hospital

How about it? Have I forgotten any necessary items? Hopefully, I'll have the time to put on my comfy clothing, but having it already selected & in the bag will help when we get "the call" to come to the hospital.

Now that I've made the list, it's time to pack! 


  1. Wow. You are prepared. Keep us posted.

  2. How exciting, Ramona. Jack will be a brother soon. I can't wait to see your new bundle of joy. Are you packing protein bars and water bottle?

  3. It sounds like you are ready! I can't wait to meet your newest grand baby!

  4. I love lists posts and this was fun to read! Preparation is good!

  5. Ramona, I had never thought of packing a grandma bag. You've remembered everything down to a way to continue to share your Slice of Life posts. Even something for big brother. Best wishes to your family.