Sunday, March 17, 2019

SOL 17/31: A Slice of LIfe from my Son

Sometimes a slice of life arrives via a telephone conversation. I take on the voice of my son to tell this one.

It was another late work night, in a string of late work nights. Tired of leaving before he woke up and getting home after he was asleep, I stood outside Teddy's door, listening. When I didn't hear him, I eased open his door so I could sneak a peek at my boy.

But he wasn't asleep. He was lying in the dark turning the pages of a magazine.  

"What are you doing, Bud?"

"I miss you, Dad."

And that's when I reached over the edge of the crib to pick up my boy for a late night cuddle and a few moments of rocking together. 

"Wait, Dad." And so I waited while my boy picked up his magazine. And then he said, "It's special! Grandma sent it to me." 
(Both of my grand boys get magazines in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa.  We started with Highlights Hello and I recently moved Teddy up to the High Five subscription. The magazine he was looking at in the dark was his first High Five. It's full-size and printed on paper and I think he was enjoying this new "grown-up" magazine. Both boys also get the Ranger Rick Cub magazine. I love that both these companies provide a "baby-safe, tear-resistant, perfect size for little hands to hold" magazine and versions that grow along as the child grows. This Grandma and Grandpa look forward to many years of encouraging literacy with magazines in the mail.)


  1. So lovely! I have a similar memory with my son and Harry Potter. Your "Slice" resonated and isn't that the best thing about writing? To take the particular and make it universal in emotional response—that's what you've done. Thanks for this.

  2. Oh! Reading that starts in the crib, in the dark and with cuddles and love. What could be better?

  3. Growing little readers. This was an adorable and happy slice.

  4. Already a reader! I think grandma has him on his way.

  5. Yeah for literacy for little ones. I love the fact that you are totally immersing the boys in text, Ramona.

  6. Way to promote reading in the best way with your grandbabies! This is a great slice, Ramona!

  7. Beautiful! I loved learning about the magazines. I didn't know they had special ones for the really young ones.

  8. I love this story. I didn't know about these magazines either. I want to get them for my granddaughter!

    1. That's why I included the links. In case other grandparents were interested. They are quality magazines and well loved by both my grandsons.