Monday, March 25, 2019

SOL 25/31: Messages from Our Devices!

I remember when I used to wait for the credit card electronic pad at the grocery store to flash the word "approved".  (They don't do that anymore.) I would inwardly chuckle at this mechanical affirmation and even savor the word "approved" as if it applied to me. 

I remember the first time I hopped in my car, and my phone flashed a message that it was a seven minute drive to my school. Yikes, how did it know I was headed to school? Turns out, it didn't really KNOW, it just knew about my usual behavior on this day at this time. But it felt a bit creepy!

I recently set up a padlet for favorite slicers (and also for slicers who leave comments, but when I click on your name in the comment, it doesn't connect me to your blog). You know who you are!

During a recent middle of the night slicing and commenting insomnia jag, this comment popped up when I opened Padlet: 
"Hi, bookwoman
Burning the midnight oil, huh?"

And the Padlet conversations continue:
Just this morning:
"Someone's up early."
A bit later, it was:
"Happy Monday."

But my all time favorite Padlet greeting was the one I noticed yesterday:
"Hi, bookwoman
Gentle reminder:
You're beautiful." 

What's the best (or creepiest) message you've every received from an electronic device?


  1. Fun slice. I wouldn't mind if a device sent me a gentle reminder as the one you received. ;) I can't remember any conversations with my electronic devices.

  2. My car flashes Hello when I start it and Goodbye when I turn it off... regular enough to be cheerful, not too personal to seem creepy.

  3. Sometimes creepy, yes! My husband and I got into the car yesterday and it told us the driving time to our parents. Weird! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think all of your messages would creep me out. I'm finding it a bit weird when my phone does the blank minutes to work or my watch says it looks like you are walking outside would you like to record this exercise? Maybe I should appreciate them more.

  5. Oh my! These are creepy messages. Technology is awesome, but this is just weird!

  6. I don't like that my devices know so much about me. The weirdest one for me was when I ordered t-shirts, so the first graders could make Mo Willems shirts for Field Day. For months after that, I got underwear ads on Facebook. I kept thinking I was going to get arrested for child pornography!