Friday, March 1, 2019

SOL 1/31: Eight Things About Me!

This is my eighth year to participate in the daily Slice of Life writing challenge during the month of March. So in honor of my eight years of participation, I've decided to share eight things about myself (that you may or may not know) ...

1. I dislike cooking, but I love baking!

2.  My happiest time of the day is early morning. I love the solitude, the quiet house, the sense that I haven't screwed up yet. Anything is possible at 6 am!

3.  On the same note, I've learned to never make an important decision in the evening. When I'm tired, everything's a little gloomier.  Nothing seems possible after 9 pm. 

4.  My grand boys are my greatest joy! There's Teddy and Jack and grand boy #3 who is due on the 31st of this month. 

5.  Libraries and bookstores are my favorite places in the world.

6.  I love dark chocolate. And my favorite dessert? Cookies, homemade and warm and gooey just out of the oven.

7.  Walking is my favorite exercise, especially with phone in hand so I can snap pics of the beauty that surrounds me.

8.  I love staying connected with family and friends. I like to say that if you've ever been in my life, you'll always be in my life!

And now it's time to schedule this post and get ready to be entertained by your delightful slices! I'm looking forward to seeing old friends (and meeting new ones too) as we March forward together to write daily for 31 days. Happy writing, my friends!


  1. I love your idea of writing 8 things about me on day 1. Its so important we get to know each other - and this list certainly paints a bright picture of who you are!

  2. Welcome back, and what a nice introduction! I especially like the line: Anything is possible at 6 am! I totally agree.

  3. After these years of writing together, I feel like I already know you! But this March will be extra-special with the new grandboy's arrival...looking forward to the pictures!!

  4. We have so much in common! I was a little surprised to see that it was only 4:30 a.m. when I woke up this morning and wondered about trying to fall back asleep, but then I thought of all the wonderful things I could read and write and think about if I got myself out of bed! How exciting to have a new grandbaby to look forward to meeting this month!

  5. Welcome back friend! I love your 8 things - and love that there is a new little one arriving at the end of the month!! What fun! I will be a first time Grandma this summer - so excited. I have loved reading about your boys and the fun you have. Looking forward to reading more!

  6. I love, love, love, this approach! I'm going to borrow this format as a spark to just start writing and tell the personal stories that I find harder to tell than the professional ones. I am also an early riser. For me, anything is possible at 5am! =)

  7. Grand baby #3 - exciting! I smiled when reading your list - I am happy to know you!

  8. Happy March Challenge! So glad to be back to reconnect again. Great idea for a slice! I laughed at the end of this line, "I love the solitude, the quiet house, the sense that I haven't screwed up yet." Ha! So true! Yay for grandchildren! I don't have any yet, but I imagine they bring great joy!

  9. I love your 8 things list! It's so much fun to learn more about you! I am definitely a morning person too. I also do not do well making decisions (or doing much) at night.

  10. Dark chocolate is my downfall too! I am so glad that I can still be a part of your life. I may just see you a little more often when my brother-in-law moves to Cle Elem. Another baby! Is it your daughter or son? The boys are so cute!

    1. Oh, LeeAnn, I'm so excited to know you'll be coming my way more often. When is the move? I can't wait to meet up. New grandbaby is daughter's, so I'll soon be watching two instead of one.

  11. Anything is possible at 6 am and nothing seems possible after 9 pm. This made me giggle...I find that I'm just the opposite! I'm too tired to make a decision at 6 am but hit me up at 9 pm and we can talk life decisions. :) I enjoyed this post with your 8 things - it's a nice re-introduction! Happy March!

  12. You and I have a lot in common! I don't do anything important at night. Ever. And congratulations on grandbaby #3!