Thursday, March 28, 2019

SOL 28/31 & Poetry Friday: Our First Poem!

Carol Wilcox at Carol's Corner is hosting
this week's round-up of poetic goodness.
She welcomes spring with Ralph Fletcher's poem, "Daffodils."

It started last Tuesday when we were playing outside. Jack took a deep breath, looked up, and exhaled, "Blue sky!"

On Wednesday, we stepped onto the deck and I pointed out the white blossoms from the neighbor's tree. Thursday morning when he went outside to play with his mom, he shared his and grandma's latest backyard find, "White blossoms!" 

Yesterday, we looked around to see what might be new in our backyard view. And that's when we spied them. I lifted Jack up for a closer look, "Green leaves." Tiny green leaves just beginning to unfurl.

 As we sat at lunch yesterday, with a view to the backyard, we chanted our poem and found the final line.

Blue sky
White blossoms
 Green leaves
Beautiful earth!

- Jack and Grandma
March 2019


  1. A grandma and grandson who write poetry together. What amazing gifts you are giving to your little guy!

  2. So wonderful! You could create a collage of the photos and poem to print and frame, it’s so beautiful.

  3. So sweet! I’m glad you shared a picture as well! I love that you have him noticing and learning words about the natural world.

  4. What a great way to find poetry.

  5. This is THE best poem! I love, love, love how you incorporated Jack's observations!!

  6. How adorable are you guys??!
    Love the photos, too.

  7. How can I say more than this is wonderful, Ramona! Jack is a lucky guy to have such a grandma, and you're a lucky grandma to have such a grandson!

  8. I love this So. Much. As he grows, you'll be writing an anthology together!

    Got the book yesterday. THANKS! (Love the bookmark, too :-)

  9. The poem you and Jack created is a perfect welcome to spring.

  10. Beautiful! Jack and I are kindred spirits - nothing fills me with quite as much joy as a bright blue sky!

  11. Ramona, this is so exciting. Jack and Grandma wrote a poem together. I would love to showcase that in a future spring gallery. Can you please ask Jack if he would like to have his poem online. Of course, you would not have to share his photo just both of your words and the first three photos. Talk this over with your family and let me know. Congratulations to Jack!

  12. This brings tears to my eyes. So so magical, how the poems just roll out of wee lips. The suggestion above to frame these photos with these words is a lovely one too. What a gift is a grama. And a grama who loves words....wondrous! Happy spring, beautiful earth! xx