Friday, May 29, 2020

Sharing Our Stories: Celebrating Yesterday!

I'm struggling. My heart wants to participate in way more things than I have time available. I want to post to Two Writing Teachers (it's where I started this journey), I want to post to Sharing Our Stories (lots of dear friends here), I want to post to Poetry Friday (just to nurture my inner poet), I want to post to Spiritual Journey Thursday (a lovely group of friends), and I want to continue writing my #52Stories for 2020.

And there is my BIG unfinished pandemic project on the dining room table - sorting through my photos and deciding which ones to send off to Legacy Box for digitizing. Don't even get me started on all the ways I can get sidetracked while working on this project!

And off to the side is my ukulele and my almost three month free membership with Fender about to expire, and I've only attended one lesson!

But hey, this post is about celebration, not beration! So I'm celebrating a day of laser beam focus that is extremely rare for me.

Yesterday, I ate a quick breakfast and prepped my container pots with soil to receive my scrawny tomato plants. Major consolation is that, while smaller than I've ever planted before, they still have that lovely tomato smell when I touch them. Gratitude to daughter for finding these for me. They'll get potted today, probably while playing outside with Grandpa and Jack and Robby.

I drove husband downtown so he could turn in some papers for an immigration pro bono case he's working on. And I scored big when I placed a call to my good friend, Denise, and she picked up. We chatted the entire time while I waited for hubby in a parking garage.

And then I drove him by Community Lunch where, properly masked, he said hello to a few friends who were busy prepping for today's mobile lunch. He really misses his weekly opportunity to feed the homeless.

When I got home, I went right to work on my project for the day, scrolling through my ginormous photo files to pull pics of walks with Jan for her birthday book. Four hours later, I sent more than sixty pics off to Walgreen's to be developed. 

I stirred up some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to accompany Jan's photo book. 

I picked up the photos.

I came home to write some words to accompany the photos and assemble the book.

We enjoyed a quick dinner of peanut butter toast (for hubby) and a PB&J sandwich for me.

I opened my computer while eating to discover that the book club meeting I had planned on attending at 7 had been moved to 6. I dashed upstairs and caught the last 15 minutes of a discussion of Greg McKeown's book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

I finished the photo book.

I chatted with husband about some revisions to our will which had been put off several times by my frantic day.

I disinfected each plastic page of Jan's photo book.

I went upstairs to read Harry's Trees, but closed the book, too exhausted to read before I even finished a page. 

And I ask myself, how do I decide what is essential? 

But mostly, I'm celebrating a day of accomplishing what I set out to do! 

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  1. What a day you had! But so much to celebrate! Aren't you supposed to be retired and taking life easy?!?
    (Thank you for being one of those hearts in prayer for my Megan that first year! That is the only thing that kept us going!)

  2. You have a week full of writing. Awesome! I can understand you being super tired after a day like that. A good tired.

  3. What a full and beautiful life you lead. You are special, Ramona, and you make each moment matter. Even more importantly, you make so many people feel like they matter and are special. You have a gift for loving people!

  4. I love the details in your description of the day, and your willingness to celebrate in the midst of such a busy time.

  5. Laser focus for sure! Wow! What a day you had! Ruth said it best, every word of her comment is the truth. You do make everyone feel special.