Friday, May 15, 2020

Sharing Our Stories: Chasing Wild!

It's disappointing to me that I haven't responded to Ruth's invitations for Sharing Our Stories. I'm committed to my #52Stories for 2020 project and so I've shared some of those stories recently on #SOS. But when I read Ruth's call to be wild yesterday, I thought of a few things I could do to be wild.  

I could have a different breakfast. I almost always have an egg for breakfast because I like eggs and they are a zero point food (and if you don't know about zero point foods, count yourself lucky!). And so I had oatmeal and I didn't even worry about the points. I enjoyed every bite.

I could indulge myself on this rainy morning and dive into the novel I've been wanting to read. Unfortunately, by the time I decided to read, it was no longer rainy. I stretched out in the recliner in the sunniest room in our house and read two chapters! 

I could walk somewhere different. Unfortunately, by the time I started my walk at 6:30, I was too tired for novelty. I just did my usual - a short walk to Homestead Park, a loop into the neighborhood, circled part of the park path, and headed for home. 

I could dig out the never-used watercolor set I bought for myself several years ago at our library book sale and go for it. I am not an artist, but I've read The Dot many times to grandson Jack. I could start with a dot. Unfortunately, I never made the time to paint yesterday. But sometime soon I will open that watercolor set and with wild abandon, I will make a mark.

I woke at 3:30 AM this morning, my regular middle of the night wake up during COVID-19 and I really tried to go back to sleep. But I found myself thinking about Ruth's call to wildness.  And while I thought about wild and my failed attempts at being wild, the words of Wendell Berry and "the peace of wild things" came to mind. And then I remembered that Carrie said there are new ducklings at Ellis Pond. And so I texted daughter that we could walk Ellis Pond with the boys when she brings them over this morning. And as I type these last words, it's 4:54 AM and the birds have started singing. "I come into the peace of wild things."

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  1. Your wildness sounds about like mine! :)
    So exciting to see the boys! And I am sure they will enjoy the ducklings - who doesn't!?

  2. I had to laugh at your bits of being wild. Oatmeal instead of an egg, how daring! :-) I am so sorry you are having the 3:30 wake-up due to this virus. Our minds are pretty incredible. Hope you get a nap.

  3. Oh, I love that Wendell Berry connection!

  4. Oh, I can so relate to this post - waking up at the wee hours of the morning, changing a routine (or as hubby calls it - my RUT). But I do like what Wendell Berry wrote - "the peace of wild things".

  5. I didn't know this poem - what a lovely one. I will keep it with me! I especially loved the line: day-blind stars waiting with their light. Thank you!

  6. I have enjoyed reading your words even if they haven’t matched the prompts! And I commiserate with the early morning Covid wake up. I’m guessing so many of us share the same. I hope you had a lovely walk!

  7. Yay! I love these words that you have written. I'm unfamiliar with the "peace of wild things," but I think my soul might understand this phrase. You are lovely and your wild is just as lovely as you. :)