Friday, July 24, 2020

Poetry Friday & #52Stories 28/52: A Porch Visit Disappoints

   Margaret at Reflections on the Teche is hosting 
this week's roundup of poetic goodness 
with a reflection on the virtual
Summer Poetry Teachers Institute 
she participated in last week.

#52Stories is my attempt to write 52 stories from my life during the year 2020. At least one story a week, in no particular order, to remember and document some of the memories and moments of my life. 

When my daughter (a PA in the medical field) returned to work after her furlough, I resumed watching the grand boys. Our small bubble includes their family of four. But our routine was interrupted this week when daughter spiked a fever. We're staying apart until she gets tested. This poem captures my attempt to drop by her house without being seen this morning.  

A Porch Visit Disappoints

I had good intentions.

An alarm set for 6:15,
an early morning drive 
so I could arrive
before the grand boys woke up.

Half a flat of peaches to share,  
library books for the boys,
and a magazine for daughter. 

Our phone conversation
revealed that Robby,
our early riser,
was already up. 

I tiptoe to the porch, 
quietly place the peaches 
and sack on the table, 
poised for a quick getaway.

But Robby pops into view,
grinning from ear to ear
in jubilant greeting. 

His contagious smile 
turns upside down,
wails of frustration
mounting as he realizes that
Grandma isn't coming in. 

Doggone Covid-19! 

- Ramona Behnke


  1. What a wonderful writing plan. I love it. And, this story is so sad. I'm sorry your daughter has had this scare. I hope she is already feeling better. What sweet thoughts those peaches and magazine carry to her and the grandboys.

  2. Ramona, I certainly know how a COVID-19 scare feels since I experienced it both with son and Little Aurora. Life is so strange and strained during quarantine but it is exciting to the time and desire to document life's precious moments via poetry. May your daughter's fever subside and return your life back to Grandma normal not a new normal.

  3. Oh, Ramona! I'm in tears. I had a stomach bug on Sunday and got a test on Tuesday. Yesterday I found out I was negative. I haven't seen my buddy Leo all week. Facetime is crazy because he drops the phone, puts me on pause, etc. I should write a poem about it. This virus tugs our deepest heart strings. I hope we can make it through. Prayers for your daughter.

  4. Love that first line! So sorry the visit went bad! We'll get through this.

  5. Poor Robby - and poor you, unable to go in to him as he cries for you. Here's to your daughter's healing, maybe an elixir in the juice of those sweet peaches. Surely they'll bring some wellness and be worth the trip. How joyous your soon reunion will be!!

  6. Good news! Tested negative & we got Robby & Grandma reunited today!