Tuesday, July 28, 2020

SOL: Book Joy! and #52Stories 29/52

#52Stories is my attempt to write 52 stories from my life during the year 2020. At least one story a week, in no particular order, to remember and document some of the memories and moments of my life.

We read books multiple times a day, every time I watch the grand boys.

I celebrate these recent book connections from three and a half year old grandson Jack with joy and a bit of grandmotherly pride.
  • The first connection occurred as Sara was making pancakes. Jack noted that they were feasting on pancakes just like chipmunk did in the poem, "Breakfast." I recently shared Toasting Marshamallows: Camping Poems by Kristin O'Connell George with my daughter so that Jack would know what to expect on their upcoming camping trip. And then I worried that it was too advanced for him, but apparently, you're never too young for good poems.
  • Jack was getting ready for a backyard camp out with his dad. They set up the tent. They put the sleeping bags in the tent. They were planning to have s'mores. So Jack suggested that they hunt for firewood to build a fire (even though they were roasting marshmallows over their outdoor grill). Because that's how they do it in Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night.   
  • Last week, Jack was busy previewing one of the books from my book bag. I glanced over and thought, Rude Cakes by Rowboat Watkins is a tough one to figure out on your own. But Jack puzzled his way through the pages and ended the book with this proclamation, "It has a happy ending."
And this photo of fifteen month old Robby and his dad engrossed in the Sunday paper is priceless!
You can't help but be delighted when the next generation shares your love of books.


  1. I know what you mean, Ramona. I was excited this week when my daughter said to Sierra, Grandma is reading you a story before bed tonight (via Google Duo). Sierra does love her books and has several cubbies for stacking. I love watching your grandboys grow and look forward to being closer to my grandgirls. I hope everyone in the family are feeling fine now.

    1. Yes, Carol, Sara's test came back negative.

  2. The young reader development stories create smiles.

  3. It's delightful to make connections to real life with books, Ramona. It must be doubly fun with your grandboys!