Tuesday, July 14, 2020

SOL: Remembering Things to Love!

In spite of our current isolation and missing many things, I'm looking for things to love today:
There are grandkids - Robby and Jack and Teddy and Ruthie


And a son who makes sure I get to visit (FaceTime) with Ruthie frequently (I think she knows my voice.)
And a rewatching of Lonesome Dove with my husband 
And this pic from his latest hike
And a Zoom book club gathering
And phone calls with family and friends
And walks outside

And flowers 

And my first Ezell's fried chicken with sides of coleslaw, baked beans and a roll, delivered by a friend 
And a daughter who willingly helps me with my photo project 
And lunch with a friend, sitting safely distanced at opposite ends of a long picnic table, shaded by this gorgeous canopy 
And gift pick ups from Island Books, wrapped and set outside the door for safe retrieval
And an impulse purchase of my favorite chocolates - nine salted dark chocolate caramels, parceled out one per evening while I read
And finishing this memoir which I loved
And a grandson who just said, "Grandma, I love playing with play dough while you work on your computer." (Little brother is napping and this boy does table activities while I write.)
It's a joy to remember all the things to love! Share something lovely from your week in the comments.


  1. Thanks for all the happy thoughts here!

  2. What a joyful post! Your grandkids are precious! This was so happy to read.

  3. This is such a boost! Oh, your grandchildren are precious! Yes, you are savoring the good things. I have a craving for salted dark chocolate caramels now.

  4. I loved your post! I had a very similar slice today but I appreciated your vivid imagery, especially the parceled chocolate! Those kiddo pictures are adorable!!

  5. YES! Love this list, the idea of this list, and all the grandkid pictures too!

    Good job with the chocolate... this is not a skill I have ... rationing chocolate.

  6. The pictures alone boost the mood. The gratitude list dazzled up the slice. Your impulse chocolate purchase made my mouth water.