Thursday, February 18, 2021

Sharing Our Stories & Poetry Friday: Writing Fast about An Abundance of Berries

"Just write. Fast." But what do I write about? Elsie mentioned that there might be a poem hiding in the pics I posted from a walk this week. And here's the fast version of that poem. Thanks, Ruth, for this invitation to write fast.

An Abundance of Berries

 Red berries call to me as I drive down the hill

and I know that I'll be back,

phone in hand to capture 

the berries strutting their stuff.

A careful trek up the hill reveals

tiny white flowers beside a remnant 

of weekend snow promising that spring is coming. 

Bountiful red berries sparkle against

waxy green leaves and patches of snow.

Velvety green ferns wave 

from drab tree trunks and a dreary winter landscape.

And blue sky peeks through cottony clouds

and the sun shines down upon us.

I take a deep breath and inhale gladness.

- Ramona Behnke 

I have debated over whether to include this paragraph of prose that I wrote before composing my poem. But in the interest of sharing my complete process, here it is:

On Tuesday, I noticed an abundance of red berries on a bush as I drove down the hill on an infrequent outing, this time to physical therapy.  I made note that I wanted to walk there and snap some pics of those berries. And so I did. Enough of the snow had melted that it was possible to walk mostly on wet pavement. I walked very carefully when I had to tread on snowy patches, no need to extend my current PT sessions! But when I got there, I was rewarded. And on the way up the hill, there were tiny white flowers blooming beside the snow and then the green ferns on the tree trunk, and blue sky peeking through the clouds and gladness for this world filled my heart.

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Thanks, Ruth, for hosting this week.


  1. I love this poem & I love your curiosity that led you to follow the berries

  2. Yup, I was right! There was a poem itching to get out in the world. Those ferns were something else! I have never seen ferns growing in the crook of a tree. And those flowers next to the snow, yes, a promise of spring. Well done Ramona! I'm glad you took the challenge. :-)

  3. I loved hearing about your process, Ramona and quite a lovely poem emerged. I could see it and feel it. So good. XO

  4. Building an image poem from your photos honors your experience with this beauty in nature. I love how nature can distract us and give us hope.

  5. Inhale abundance...lovely way to leave the poem.

  6. Thank you for this "word picture" of your berry and bloom discoveries!

  7. I always love your pictures, Ramona, & now a poem picture is a delight. I don't believe we have any signs of spring yet, but know they're coming! I love "the berries strutting their stuff."

  8. What a lovely glimpse of spring on its way.

  9. What a beautiful poem. I love that last line especially--"inhale gladness."

  10. Ramona, I am glad that you shared your prose backstory. The poem is lovely with such beautiful visuals coming forth from your words.

  11. I love the idea of finding a story hidden in a photo - I seek to two this often. Your poem is just as crisp and vivid as the photo, or, really, as in actually being there to see those berries. I especially love that powerful ending line, inhaling gladness. Thank you for taking us with you on that walk!

  12. I like pose your poem and your paragraph of prose. It's interesting how many different poems might be written from that one piece of prose! :D

  13. I love when photos inspire poetry. What strong imagery you created! I was envisioning how all of the colors in the snapshot came together, and I'm happy to hear you inhaled gladness :)