Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Slice of Life: Pandemic Skills

Some folks have used this time during the pandemic to study a language, learn to play a musical instrument, bake sourdough bread, or reorganize their homes. I have spent hours with my daughter sorting photos to select ones we want to digitize, ones to trash (yes, I've actually thrown hundreds of photos away), and the ones I want to keep (but don't feel the need to digitize). That's a lot of decision making for someone who is indecisive. But thanks to my daughter, we are almost finished with this process. We really thought we were finished two weeks ago. But then I discovered three more boxes of photos! We've set a goal to ship the final box off to be digitized by the end of February. 

But my favorite newly acquired skill (during the pandemic) is taking photos during Facetime calls. I only do it with the grands, but it's my favorite way to relive our quick conversations. 

Here's our latest call with Ruthie and Teddy: 

Grandma usually gets a big smile of recognition . . .

which gets even bigger when Grandpa shows up.

You have to be quick if you want to capture speedy Teddy on camera.

Even Ruthie wonders, "Now, where is he going in such a hurry?"

It's time for Ruthie to show us her favorite trick (with a little help from Dad)!

And then, it's story time. Tonight Ruthie reads her favorite book to Grandma and Grandpa.

Here's the lion's nose!

And here's the lion's tail!

Night, night!

That's all folks . . . end of call! And now you know why I look forward to these FT calls and why I love snapping pics while we chat.


  1. I think these pictures are keepers! How are you organizing your pictures? I use Google Photos now but I really do love pictures. I have some albums from the days before the Internet..... the baby is precious!!!

  2. Omgosh I love this so much!! We made my mom a grandma 18 months ago, and she is in love. She, too, LOVES snapping photos while video calling our son. It's beautiful to see his face light up immediately as soon as he hears the ring on my phone. Grandparents are everything! :)

    Also, we have that lion book, too!

  3. What a great way to document FT conversations. I appreciate how technology brings people closer together. My favorite snap is the upside down trick.