Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Slice of Life: Gathering Enchantment, Magic, and Wonder

My acrostic for Poetry Friday included the words, "Watch for enchantment." Enchantment's been on my heart ever since I read this article from Time magazine and shared it on FB. And since gather is my OLW for 2022, I've gathered some enchantments, a bit of magic, and some small wonders to share with you today.

Enchanted describes how I respond to Christmas lights. When I left daughter's house one evening this past week, I responded to Christmas lights and turned down a street that was not on my way home. I'm so grateful for folks who haven't taken down their lights yet. And knowing how way leads on to way (or lighted street leads on to next lighted street), I found myself following all the holiday lights that beckoned to me. And the best part? Rather than being totally lost at the end of this adventure, I just turned on my navigation for home.

We've had creatures around ever since Santa left these fun blankets. Enchanted creatures living in your home is a special kind of magic.

My daughter's out of town this week and so I've been helping with the grands. Yesterday after our youngest grandson left, I noticed this wonderful impression left behind of his visit.  It's precious and wonderful. I hope you can see the hand prints on the blanket that covers our brick hearth.

Today when the oldest grand came to visit, he helped me put lights on the deck (who says you can't do that in January?), make monster cookies (his favorite), create a magical Magna Tile town, and explore a box of "Gags" that I unearthed in a box of Christmas decorations. We planted the chattering teeth and the gorilla hands in Grandpa's bed. And then he modeled the silly spectacles for me as I explained to him that we have a picture somewhere of his mom and Uncle Blake and Grandma and Grandpa all wearing the silly spectacles. Doesn't he look professorial?

I hope you'll find time to gather enchantment, magic, and wonders as you navigate this first month of a new year!


  1. Ramona, I have been late in responding to slices and posts but tonight I posted my slice way before 12 AM. I am thrilled that you offered your thoughts on "Gathering Enchantment, Magic, and Wonder". I love your creatures, small hand imprint, and all the joy you bring to your day. May you continue to enchant others.

  2. I've been remiss and late and absent from responding to blog posts for a LONG time...but I have to tell you that your posts about your grands inspire me to be a better grandparent and offer me insight into how love and time might provide a source and site for empowering those grands that have become part of my own framework. Thank you