Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Slice of Life: Gathering Words I Love

Are you a word collector? 

I've loved gathering words from podcasts and IG posts this month. I'm not a January Jumper. I don't jump on the bandwagon to start a diet, go to the gym, get organized, set a new routine, and/or figure out my resolutions when the calendar turns to the new year.

I've enjoyed gathering (gather is my OLW for 2023) words that "speak to me" this month. 

I totally agreed with Kendra Adachi's advice in The Lazy Genius, podcast #295. Starting fresh does not have to mean starting over. She emphasized the following words: Instead of beginning, work on continuing. Instead of fixing, choose one small area of your life to work on tending. Instead of the big change, focus on starting small and nurturing this one area. Instead of evaluating, spend time reflecting, just looking back at the past year and noticing. Here are Kendra's 30 Lazy Genius Questions for the Start of a New Year. Think about what sparkled last year. Instead of a big annual do over, focus on your seasonal needs. Learn to pivot and adjust your expectations and let go since we are never in full control of our lives.

Yesterday, I saw a reel on IG that I loved and then it was gone. I texted Monica Packer (About Progress podcast) since she had posted it. The reel came from Instagrammer, strugglecare (KC Davis), who addressed the yo-yo self-improvement syndrome that afflicts some at the beginning of a new year. Her nugget of wisdom? Real functional improvements to our life happen slowly and gently.

How about it? Which camp are you in? Are you a fast and furious resolute beginner of a new year? Or are you reflecting and planning a slow and gentle tending of the new year based on your current needs? I bet you know where to find me.

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  1. I'm back thinking about slow and gentle way to "Be". This morning's yoga class got me started with "be and breathe". I love words and do collect them because they lead to a next step. Ramona, thank you for this breath-of-spring refreshing slice.