Friday, February 10, 2023

Poetry Friday: Wishing I Was There!

Wishing from Here to There

Most of the time

I'm perfectly content

to be right here.

But today, a fellow PF friend

set me off on a green

journey of jealousy. 

Amy VanDerwater

casually mentioned she

is at CCIRA 2023.

When I clicked on the link, 

I saw that Ruth Ayres is there,

and so is Lester Laminack 

and Penny Kittle and Donalyn Miller 

and more presenters I'd love to hear.

And my heart longs to be there 

immersed in poetry and story,

a feast to restore my soul. 

                - Ramona Behnke

 Carol at Beyond Literacy Link is hosting 
this week's round-up of poetic goodness.



  1. Dear Ramona, Oh, I so wish that we could be together here in this space. I head home tomorrow, but here in this hotel room tonight I am imagining us writing and laughing together. I am grateful to know you. Big hug. xo

  2. Ramona, I was thinking the same thing. I was able to have unhurried visits with Linda Baie and Carol Wilcox. Of course I thought of you and doing dishes together in my kitchen. I miss you. Xo, Ruth

  3. It would have been so delightful, Ramona. My wish always is that we all lived right down the block. Ruth and I had a special time together but it didn't work out to connect with Amy. Maybe sometime!

  4. Ramona, my thoughts go back to NCTE when we met up and shared some lovely moments. Your poem is filled with wishes for all of us to be immersed in poetry and story.

  5. It would be lovely to be immersed in poetry and reading and writing with friends.

  6. Ramona, I take that "green journey of jealousy" all too often, especially when looking at photos of Spain online. I like your poem here!

  7. Oh, heck that was me, Susan Thomsen, above.