Friday, June 14, 2024

Poetry Friday: New Discovery on the New Books Table

Although I miss my King County Library in Washington (no Lucky Day books on the shelves or Choice Reads to browse in North Carolina), the children's section of my local library has a feature that I love, a new books table. Last week I found this book by Joseph Coelho, the UK Children's Laureate for 2022-2024.

Poetry Prompts: All sorts of ways to start a poem is filled with 42 poetry prompts that are sure to delight your inner poet and any child in your life who wants poetry adventures. Each prompt has an example poem from the poet, followed by an invitation to create, and a Poetry Power-Up for an additional challenge. The book's captivating illustrations and large size make this a must-have for any teacher who loves poetry. If your local or school library doesn't have a copy, nudge them to buy one. It's a treasure trove!


Denise at Dare to Care is hosting this week's Poetry Friday Roundup. Come join the fun!


  1. Ramona, that looked like such a lovely book, I went right to my online library and found it. Then I made the mini notebook he explains in the first prompt. What a sweet book! Thanks for sharing. I will check to see if my library has a copy too. Good to see you here today.

  2. Hi Ramona, the book sounds wonderful, will send it on to former colleagues! I'm sure you're missing those "old" friends from back in Washington, but also finding delights like this in the new place. Best wishes for more!

  3. (newtreemom)
    I went right online and found the ebook.
    What a fun book! I’ll have to request a hold to get the book… this is one book that’s just not the same as an ebook. I’m enjoying the preview, though.

  4. Ooh, fun book to share! Thank you, Ramona!

  5. Poetry is finally being seen as accessible and enjoyable for all. And not just by we poetry lovers. 🙃 Books like this would surely be helping. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ramona, thanks for sharing the new book. I will search for that one. PS: Is that your bedspread that I a beautiful one for the summer?

    1. Yes, Carol, that's my summer bedspread! It makes everything feel cooler. - Ramona

  7. I love this book! I bought it for my school library. Joseph Coelho was the keynote at SCBWI NYC this year and he was amazing!

  8. Oooh, poetry prompts! I'm in! :D Thanks for the book rec!