Saturday, January 4, 2014

Celebrating remnants of Christmas Cheer!

                        So excited to join Saturday Celebrations with Ruth Ayres!
                    It is fun to live my week thinking about what I will celebrate on Saturday!
Discover. Play. Build.

                             A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

1.  Packed up Christmas this year on New Year's Day!  You have to know that I hate undecorating the house because it makes me sad.   Usually my daughter helps me do it, but this year she wasn't home.  Blake and Stefi left too early for me to be ready to pack up.  So I did it all by myself in one day, except that Lance did help me pack the fake tree and carry it to the Christmas closet.

2.  Packed everything . . . except for a few remnants that I keep out to brighten short winter days: 
  • The metal tree that displays our Christmas photos.  I love enjoying pics of friends and family for a while longer.  Some will eventually make it to the refrigerator gallery, but for now I keep them displayed on the dining table.
  • My snowperson collection.  I moved them from the dining room to the family room.  Snowpeople,  greenery, and white lights - that's winter decorating at its best!
  • The red basket that holds Christmas cards and letters.  I love the late arrivals that dribble in during the next few days/weeks.  Each is cause for celebration,and there is no need to be ashamed that they didn't get mailed on time.  The late ones get even more attention.
  • The white lights on the deck - short Northwest days need light!  Feb. 1st used to be my deadline for taking them down, but gradually I moved it to Valentine's Day, then the end of Feb. and one year I sliced about them in March!
3.  Joined Sara and Will for a snowy Saturday hike in NY via pics on FB and my phone.  

4.  Celebrating that we didn't return to school on the 2nd this year like we did last year.  I've loved these few extra days, and now it's time to return to some long postponed grading.

5.  Trying to follow Linda's advice to write fast.  I started at 11:11 and finished at 11:33!

6.  Back to add one more - Mom's 92nd birthday is today!  We always had angel food cake on her big day.  She had a special skill for loving people.  I miss her so, but feel so blessed to be her daughter.  


  1. Love that you came back to add that last one about Grandma Scifres! Makes me want to go pick up an angel food cake! I feel blessed to be your daughter and to have so much love passed on to me! Hugs!

  2. I am like you, I don't like undecorating the house. I haven't yet, I think because it was late when I decorated...loved hearing about your mom's day and having the angel food cake!

    1. Take your time, Amy! I love to extend the holidays and come home to cheerful decorations.

  3. Many things to smile over Ramona! I still have the kitchen tree up, & have even added a few things to it this time! I love leaving things out too, until about Valentine's day, the next red holiday! I miss my mom too, & it's lovely to give us all a thought of her on her birthday. I'm sure she was wonderful because her daughter is! Finally, I remember when you said the lights were up on the deck-seems so long ago. You should post a pic for us! Have a great week next week, happy you got the extra days!

  4. Much to celebrate. My decorations are still up as I love the lights. If we get a snow-day I might use that to re-organize the house. Ramona, I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Check!

  5. Taking down decorations is bittersweet for me. I know what lies ahead. :(. The white lights made me chuckle. Sounds like something I would do! Have a great week.

  6. It is always sad to put the decorations away, but I know the joy will return next year when they come back out. I bet the FB hike was much warmer for you. :-) Have a great start to this new year Ramona!

  7. Ramona,
    My cards are still out too. They hang on the back door and I smile at them everyday. I think I'll leave them up all of January.

    We had to go back last week, (got a snow day Thursday though) and Friday was rough. Something about those 2 days does seem like a big difference. Hope you feel well rested before next week.

    Good luck with your grading,

  8. It kind of feels good that you didn't pack everything away. The extra days of no school hopefully gave extra energy. May the first week back to school be joyous.

  9. HI there - please know you always bring sunshine to my day....but today...i have nominated you for a Sunshine's a lot of work.....but even if you don't do it, please know you brind Sunshine to my day!

    1. Anita, thanks for the nomination. Did you notice the phrase I borrowed from you in last week's SOL? I love being inspired by my fellow bloggers!