Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sunshine, Sunsets, Food, and Books . . .

                            So excited to join Saturday Celebrations with Ruth Ayres! 
                   It is fun to live my week thinking about what I will celebrate on Saturday!
Discover. Play. Build.
                            A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

1.  Sunshine and more sunsets . . .
     This week we had several days when the sun broke through the clouds.  It's amazing how my spirit lifts with the arrival of the sun.  It encourages me to leave school before dark and to glimpse the setting sun as I drive home.

2.  A delicious lunch provided by our parents . . .
     This month they chose a tailgating Seahawks theme.  I love the food, the chance to visit with teacher friends who don't usually join us for lunch, and connecting with parents of "my" students (current and former) who serve the lunch.  I mentioned the lunch when I returned to my classroom, and several students chimed in that their parents had contributed to our delicious lunch.  Go Seahawks!  Go Parents!

3.  The arrival of The Art of Holly Hobbie on an interlibrary loan . . .
     A conversation with Nancy at Island Books led me to this book (out of print) and the discovery that I could purchase it for $68.99.  That sent me scurrying to my library web page (not in their collection), so I pushed a few keys and the book arrived this week from the Tacoma Library.  I love KCLS (King County Library System)!

4.  The last caramel from the snowman jar . . .
     A dear friend sends us homemade caramels each year.  One of our favorite holiday traditions is one caramel a day.  These well-traveled caramels from TX arrived in WA, traveled to DC in a suitcase, and traveled in a Christmas box to NY where a few made it into a suitcase for travels to England and Scotland.  It was a special treat to savor my last caramel this week.  

5.  A four day week filled with books . . .      
We had our final Mock Newbery book discussions on Wednesday and finished evaluating the books in our WRN (writer's reader's notebook) using the Newbery criteria.  Thursday we used the Newbery criteria to write a paragraph nominating the book we felt should win the 2014 Newbery Award.  Small groups of students defended each title in fishbowl discussions on Friday before we placed our online votes with the YCTNN at King County Library System.  Did I mention how much I love our library system?


  1. Library systems are so great! I have a great one too. I understand that savoring of the last of a holiday treat. I've had my last treat too, until next year (a special cookie). Can't wait to find out the winners of the book awards. It will be interesting to see how your kids did.

  2. Our inter-library loans are awesome, I agree. I am able to get almost every book I ever want! So glad you got to watch your sunsets, Ramona. They really are special! Have a great weekend!

  3. I don't know what I would do without my local library! You have some special parents at your school!

  4. Cheers to the libraries, caring parents, last candy, books and sunshine!

  5. My favorite was #4 - what travels these caramels have taken, Ramona!

  6. Denver has a fabulous library system too! And also a fabulous football team! I think you need to celebrate your self control with those caramels! Two weeks at home and there were still some left??? Impressive!

  7. I, too, have been admiring the sunshine's appearance lately. I am not sure why, but it feels like it has been a cloudy winter...maybe all the snow? Sunshine is a welcome sight. And a life filled with books doesn't hurt either!

  8. Ramona,
    I love when the parents and teachers have a chance to connect. It's so nice to have an extra moment for lunch too. Half the time I'm just stuffing my face. On the weekends I have to remind myself to slow down, because I am so use to eating quickly at work.

    I love what you are doing with your students and having them choose the next Newberry and defend their position.

    Hope you have a great week,